Monday, October 20, 2008

Ghost Whispering

It was G's birthday and we walked through town shopping for the perfect gift. I had a few ideas but wanted him to chose something that he would really like. He teased me all morning.

"How much are you ready to spend," he giggled, making believe that he was hoping for something extravagant. After a few hours of looking through all kinds of boutiques we decided to stop for burritos at a new, local Mexican restaurant. I waited outside while G gave in the order. It was a beautiful Fall day. It was 14degrees celsius and the trees were garbed in their richess attires: Red, yellow and Monarch orange.

When G sat down besides me I felt more than his presence, someone else stood near us.

"Who's there?" I asked while sipping my smootie and looking into the bag of food.

G looked at me curiously and asked what I was feeling. I explained that I could feel another presence: A man. I told G that he seemed adamant to speak to me and that I was in a friendly mood. G smiled.

When the man asked that we follow him it kind of put a damper on our lunch. Yet G was ready to eat on the move. We found ourselves walking down the road and across the street. Soon we were roaming an old presbytarian cemetary behind an old Church. Many of the graves there were as old as 1845. I had never noticed this part of town before most probably because I was Catholic. Yet, I found it interesting that this man lead me there.

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pixie said...

How do you open yourself up to hear them?, or is it partly attached to trusting?