Monday, January 12, 2009

Trip to Mexico

Just got back home from Mexico.  
I have to say that I'm glad to be back in Montreal, Quebec despite the fact that we have snow and it's freezing here...  Mexico offered sun, beaches, and lots of time to explore but I felt exhausted by the constant begging, the having to negotiate for prices, and the constant need to be careful not to get lost. Holidays abroad are in my opinion somewhat over rated.  

Still when I left home to travel south I was excited and couldn't wait for the warm weather.  I figure the first few days in Florida before heading to Mexico were quite refreshing.   It's like the body shifts at some point and wonders where did "home go!?"  I never thought of Montreal as my home per say even though I was born and grew up here.  I never really connected to the land but do love the seasons.  Being away from home brings lots of new perspective.  It helps to take a distance from our own nest sometimes.

I always find it interesting when I travel how much the topography offers a certain impression. You don't have to be far away from home to get that sensation that you've left your nest.  When you observe birds you always wonder how they know where to come back when they've migrated for the winter.  They always come back to the same territory and sometimes even the same tree.   After taking note of my own experience I realize that like me, birds feel the different vibes the topography gives and can easily recognize one vibe over another and attach it to a name (so to speak).  In other words, I can close my eyes and tell you just by impression where I am:  Quebec City, Montreal, or Florida and Mexico (examples).  The more you pay attention to these "feelings" the more you develop the ability to recognize them. 

Hypersensibility is not only an ability people to people but it's a skill we use to recognize pretty much anything and everything inside and out of ourselves.  It's like having antennas like a butterfly or whiskers like a cat.  Our vital space which we can determine just by spreading our arms out and spinning -- is basically what captures vibes and allows us to feel them.  It's only with practice though that we get to translate what we've picked up.  The skill of "whispering" is basically that :  Being able to translate what we've picked up.  

Be back with more later.

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