Saturday, May 16, 2009

Raining Technology.....

              It's raining today.  
             Like Eric said this morning with a lot of humor: "The meteorologists lied
.  My blackberry predicted only clouds not pouring rain... Those bastards!"
I shook my head with the usual retort: "Are you kidding - it was obvious that we
 were getting rain today.  All you had to do is look up to the sky rather than the phone..." 
             I find it amazing how many people completely depend on their computers or blackberry now-a-days.  My children are always texting and my hubby is always reading e-mails (working) with the help of his blackberry.  It's a portable desk and files for him.  Personally, I would find it difficult to always have my mind focused on a small black box that knows everything about anything.  

"What ever happened to discovering?"I often tease my technology-dependent family and friends.  
                We don't realize how much technology defines us as individuals and as a society.  The introduction to internet, e-mails and texting has changed the way we communicate and even inter-relate to each other.  It's a lot easier voicing out our feelings in writing than face to face. We have less and less courage when it comes to being clear, honest, and intimate with others. Look around and notice how many people are struggling with relationships. I certainly encourage my kids to put some limits to what they will or will not share with their cellular phones or e-mails.  Some things are best said in person. 

Still despite some complaints I have to be honest - communicating with the help of our computers has helped in saving trees and reducing our consumption of paper.  It's definitely one reason why I often choose to send an e-mail over a letter.  It's really all about being aware and attentive.   There's no right and wrong way -- there's a being "conscious way." 

P.S.  My next blog will probably be on the topic of dandelions because these days they are all over the place.  Some people consider these plants as weeds but they are actually medicinal plants: Great for the digestive system.   I'll try to attach a picture.  Thanks to the rain - the world of nature is awakening around us.

For now, this is Lisa F. Tardiff  from Montreal, Quebec  -  telling you that there is RAIN on the forefront until at least tomorrow and we should expect cool temperatures for Sunday and Monday.  LOL
Be good.


Ally said...

Looks to me as though you have a fall-back occupation there Lisa! (*grin*)

I find using technology as a tool is a good thing - it enables me to real-time communicate with people from all over the world - Montreal, Nova Scota, Vancouver, Alberta, Ireland, Australia -- ALL at the SAME TIME! I find that so cool! It's my favorite use of the media and one that I find really brings me together with people in far-flung places. It brings them and me together in a real-time communication. The Instant Message and my cell phone (where I don't get charged extra to speak with all these people from all these places) has helped to bring my world a little bit closer to me. I am very thankful for that!!


Jen said...

i would love it to be raining here. it snowed all day yesterday and today, and will tomorrow as well.

but it's strange snow that doesnt hit the ground!! just flies around in the air.

Wapeyit Malsom said...

No -- lets continue with the rain shall we!!! LOL
Jen -- I'm sure spring will eventually come your way.