Sunday, July 26, 2009


I recently came across a book by Malcolm Gladwell, entitled BLINK. Perhaps some have you have read it? Basically Gladwell shares stories which show the reader that it is possible to “think with our guts rather than with our heads.” Similar books have been written on this topic by other authors including Deepak Chopra. What I found interesting in BLINK was the way he described man’s natural ability to intuitively feel and react as if it was a novelty.

Often I meet people who speak about hypersensitivity as if it was an unusual gift when it truth it’s a basic and natural ability in human beings and was once so well developed that it helped our ancestors survive in wilderness. Many people confuse hypersensitivity to psychic ability. It is true that both can intertwine at some point; but when it comes to technique both are very different. Psychic ability stems from our brain where as hypersensitivity is caused by the magnetic force that our body creates. Stretch out your arms and then, spin a few times. You’ll notice that by doing so you create a circle that dictates your vital space: Your territory. Like the territory that we own in order to build our home and create our garden or a yard for our children to play --- our vital space also houses our living reality and all that is important to it.

We may not realise it but our thoughts, our feelings, our memories, our actions, our attitudes and choices etc… although seemingly invisible and immaterial produce within our personal space a physical reality. For example if you are someone who is moody (quick temper and quick to tears) notice how you affect the people who come in your space. Notice how your moodiness is directly responsible for how these people react to you and treat you. This shows that even though your may believe that your attitudes are like air – see how they are actually more like earth! This applies to pretty much any way we approach each other.

Hypersensitivity is basically an ability to feel what moves in the vital space of others. Some people will notice for example when their spouse or best friend is annoyed with them or feel when something is wrong with their children. Hypersensitivity can take many different forms. I’ve picked up on thoughts, memories and alleged hidden feelings. The best way not to get consumed by the realities of others is to communicate clearly what you feel and attempt to clear the space (so to speak). If it isn’t possible because certain individuals are not open to this kind of talk – simply write down your experience or use it to learn something about life and yourself. Giving it back to the cosmos or recycling it into your own learning and healing journey is the best way to make of hypersensitivity a tool rather than a curse.

For Gladwell in BLINK – thinking with your gut should be an ability that all humans attempt to develop. For people like me and many of you out there who are naturally hypersensitive or intuitive – it’s more about discipline and learning to make of this skill an ability for modern times. I can see how hypersensitivity was important for humans of primitive times, for hunting and gathering; but in the 21st century it’s not always practical. When shopping for example, I always come home with one or two items that I can’t quite figure out why I bought them…….. LOL
P.S. The picture was taken by my husband in London, England. I've noticed that I'm most hypersensitive when traveling and especially while visiting places that are old or ancient. Hypersensitivity is influenced by emotion and insecurity can become an issue for hypersensitives. Two things to watch when acquiring a discipline.


Emily said...

Hi Lisa,

Im not sure if you will see this.
I just have a question about Hypersensitivity.

How do you know if what you are experiencing is outside of yourself (in your surroundings) or just within yourself?
For example.. I often find myself anxious in some places, and i´m not sure if i´m pìcking up from outside or if this is just me.
As i can be an anxious person anyway!
How do you diffrenciate the two?
inside and outside?


Emily said...

An example -

Recently I was at a ´Witches Market´ a week or so ago in Bolivia.
And i felt weird, I felt it in my body.. maybe it was the smells! lol
There were a lot of dried animal feotuses - llamas,frogs and other things i couldnt identify lol.
And even though i was curious about everything there, my body was telling me otherwise, and I wanted to move away quickly.

How can you know its not just your own physical body or something you are picking up from outside?


Wapeyit Malsom said...


Well first of all -- 10% of what is actually going on is ours!!! That leaves 80% to hypersensitivity. One way that I can detect hypersensitivity is by paying attention to my moods, attitudes and energy levels. If suddenly everything changes --- it has to take root in something out of myself. Also -- the more self-discovery you do the more you can see what is yours and what isn't. So keep learning about yourself.