Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another Dream Interpretation

Another BLOG about dreaming.
I learnt a long time ago that dreams are not mental creations but actual cellular stories. Imagine your cells spinning like a CD and sharing with us every day a multitude of information. The cell tells the body how to function; it even awakens illness; and can also guide the way through dreams. I’m over simplifying but I think you get the idea of what I’m trying to convey.

Like I’ve said before our dreams repeat over a 30 day period and they repeat all through the night as well. You’ll notice that the message will be delivered through all kinds of different forms and stories. You have more than enough time to figure out the learning and the healing that is being offered to you every month. It’s a matter of being attentive and of learning the Way of the Medicine Wheel.

At first when we start exploring our dreams we share them all... and we practice the skill of interpretation until we’re experts at it. Yet, the elders will tell us that it’s important to honor our dreams and to not share them too quickly. Dreams are alive and they are spinning within a Wheel – if you share them too quickly you’ll loose them (so to speak). Learn to share your dreams once they’ve worked for you and you’ve integrated the message. Usually we share our story only once it is meant to be given away!!!

Now – lets look at Bootie’s dream. She left it for us to interpret.
Lets do another practice run.

From Bootie: I remember a snippit of a dream from last night. Over the weekend I made my pendulum. Its pretty: has a raw quartz crystal as the pendulum, an amethyst bead, 2 other quartz beads, some turqoise beads and some glass beads. Before bed last night I took off the pendulum that I wear as a necklace. I read that crystals aren't tools for dreamers so I didn't know what use dreaming/sleeping with the pendulum would be.

From Lisa: I like this small paragraph that describes what was done before bed – before dreaming. It is important to keep note of what we sleep with; what happened before we went to bed; or what movie we saw or book we read etc…. These details may become important because whatever occurs in the hour preceding sleep or dreaming may appear in imagery in our dreams or lets say “may have an impact on us.”

From Bootie: Dream: I was in my childhood home looking into several bags of grain that were sitting on a table. Also on the table were some pails full of seeds. I was looking ointo the grain bag because I needed to feed my horses.

From Lisa: Childhood on the Wheel refers to the Moons or to the East of the Wheel. Bags of grain also refer to the East of the Wheel. It may also be an image that refers to the Moons similar to the rocks that we use to identify the MOONS. Seeds again, refers to the East. So far these details bring us to understand that the HORSES, most probably a totem of the dreamer, are being fed with childhood memories or what we call MOONS.

From Bootie: The grain had a lot of cobwebs and catepillars in it (along with the catepillar's castings). I looked into the other bag of grain and it was the same. I tried to pick out some of the cleanest of the feed and put it in the scoop I use to feed the horses. It didn't amount to much so I tried to grab up some of the seeds out of the pails to mix in with it.

From Lisa: Cobwebs refer to spiders and so we are in the East of the Wheel where the spider gateway can be found. The caterpillars which are one phase of the Butterfly life – are also found in the East but on the Clan loop. It seems that this particular part of the dream is repeating the importance of the East Anchor. It gives us reasons why the East is important. It’s crucial because it brings us to confront our fears; to die to the old and welcome the new; and finally to mature. These are the virtues of the seeds that are fed to the horses.

From Bootie: After I did, I noticed that the seeds were labeled. Some of the names I didn't recognize, one I did was Lavender. I got frustrated and dumped the pail out, putting the seeds back where they went. I was afraid to feed the horses a plant I didn't know about.

From Lisa: The notion of labeling the seeds – is like naming the moons. It’s a way of being able to identify the start and ending of wheels. It tells us that the possibilities are endless; that learning and healing is a process that leads to full potential. By recognizing the seed – Lavender, you are understanding that experience is about accumulating stories that are ours to share (becoming teachers and healers of our own birthright). This part of the dream says: “We need to slow down, be attentive and focus on awareness above and beyond all things.” All comes in due time. Remember this is wisdom is what feeds the horses.

From Bootie: I started to feel bad because I didn't have anything to feed the horses with. Then my mother came up behind me and said that she had fresh grain downstairs and that she had already fed the horses.

From Lisa: Questioning ourselves is a normal part of the process. Are we progressing? Are we learning and reaching a point of enlightenment? Are we maturing; are we wiser; are we getting anywhere? For sure there are times in our journey where we feel starved…. And we wonder if we will ever get to a point where we can be valuable to others. Basically this is what is being said through the comment: “I felt bad that I didn’t have anything to feed the horses with.” The arrival of the MOTHER image -- is that part of us that says: “You will learn, you will grow, you will be valuable to others – just give yourself time.” It also refers to Mother Earth – who takes care of us even when we can not take care of ourself and her…

From Bootie: Right before I woke up I dreamed that I woke up and looked down and I was wearing my Pendulum. It surprised me because I thought I remembered taking it off before bed... Then I really woke up and grabbed for the pendulum around my neck, but it wasn't there... because I took it off before bed.

From Lisa: There’s no doubt that this dream was a MEDICINE DREAM. A dream that is given to us by teachers, elders, ancestors, spirit etc…. It looks like the stones and crystals of your pendulum had lots to say. And how wonderful it was for you to share their wisdom with us….

Take care.


Boot'n said...

Thank you for working through this Dream with me. I love the way you teach. -Bootie

Wapeyit Malsom said...

Would love the feedback if you have any. How did the dream interpretation hit home and how do you plan to work with it...

Boot'n said...

Several things struck me all at once after reading the interpretation; It confirmed what I'm feeling right now (starved and questioning my value to others), then the dream went on to give me advice (slow down, be attentive, and focus on awareness), it went on to promise that I will grow into a person of wisdom and value with patience.

The Dream Interpretation also brought up my East Anchor and my Pendulum. Directly after reading the Blog I had a urge to use my Pendulum to figure out what my East Anchor is. It is Doe, which I had felt was the case. Doe teaches us to make Graceful Choices. She is my face Totem. I often dream of Doe and Horses together.

So how will I work with this Dream? By KNOWING that I'm where I should be and that Mother Nature will provide. I need to stop "wishing" to be further along than I am... because it is both wishing my life and experiences away. Live for today!

Prismslight said...

Wow I am only now really starting to remember my dream's I am journalling almost every morning because of the ritual before my bed time I have my journal right by my bed I also have three special rocks from a magnificent wheel that hold alot of power for me..I touch them before bed and say a prayer and then before I sleep I remind myself your going to remember your dreams...its neat because I am in my dream but I say to myself remember this its important...somtimes my dreams move fast and i need to remember to slow down and be conscious of it that fast flying feeling can get disorienting...What other things help bring the dreaming or set the stage so to speak?

Wapeyit Malsom said...

Everything you do -- every inhale and exhale has an impact on dreaming. Relaxing before bed; giving space to dreaming rather than stressing on tomorrow's schedule; and surrendering to sleep -- are really important when preparing to dream.

I know you're looking for another response but I'm not sure your question is precise enough.... Guide me towards what you are looking for and I could better inform you on the topic!!!

It's great to see so many of you interested in dreaming better.


Prismslight said...

I want to be able to understand my dream's on a deeper level...If dreaming last up to 30 day's the messages within sychonicities how do I find the theme's or is it ongoing learning interpreting? ...Should we smudge before bed? are their certain items that open up the dreamtime? I read before you can ask the universe for help on certain things Are their books about dream interpretaion that you recomend?