Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blue Moon

Every 3 years (approx) we get a Blue Moon. This means that we have two Full Moons in one month. Mathematically this is explained through a better understanding of how we calculate our calendar. Our calendar for example is very different than the Mayan calendar or calendars used by our ancient ancestors. Since every year has an extra eleven days because of the way we separate our calendar into 12 months – every 3 years we end up with 2 Full Moons in a 30 day period. With or without this explanation though, the Blue Moon has always been a cosmological phenomenon. It is recognized in most all calendars used since the start of civilization. Does this mean that the Blue Moon is a creation of man’s mathematical thinking or does it hold cosmological power beyond the usual Full Moon movement?

As most of you know women are more sensitive to phases of the Moon. Our menstrual cycle somehow follows the Full Moon cycle. If you have more than one mature woman in a household, you’ll quickly notice that each of their menstrual cycle will quickly synchronize. The Moon also has an influence on the tides. It exercises a certain influence that is related to the feminine.

The Moon is not the only cosmological reality that has an impact on humans or nature. It seems that planetary alignments can create certain magnetic pulls that awaken emotions, behaviours, abilities etc…. in people and animals. Once we start looking closely at stars, northern lights, planets and other such topics --- we can find many mysteries to explore that end up demonstrating how small our control is on this World (Earth).

The Blue Moon on the Medicine Wheel is identified as the 13th Moon and is often called the Moon of Initiation. We find this Moon at the center of the Wheel where we often find Creator and the Spiral of Eternity. Basically the 13th Moon is a Moon of Change or a Moon of Initiation. Remember when you turned 13 years old, when you were no longer a child but also not yet a teenager? The confusion, the frustration, and the pain that you felt at that time were realities that are attributed to the Blue Moon of your personal Medicine Wheel.

Basically, the Blue Moon opens up all of the gates of the Medicine Wheel. It doesn’t mean that all of the gates are accessible to us but the Blue Moon phenomenon nevertheless opens them up. We talk of these gates with the help of attributes like love, fear, determination, choices etc…. Basically your Full Moon cycle which means your full year of learning and healing will bring you experience a very particular kind of 13th Moon. For some it means that you will be faced with choices where for others, they will have to confront fears or death. By keeping track of your Full Moon experience you can be better prepared for the Blue Moon. This is why that you’ll find many Moonlodge Matriarch who expect their participants to keep a journal of their experiences, their visions, their learning and healing as they move through them month after month. A power Blue Moon ceremony comes to those who are ready for it.

As most of you have come to understand the Medicine Wheel is a self-originated ceremony which means that the way we approach it varies from tradition to tradition; culture to culture; individual to individual etc… Not one Blue Moon ceremony is alike but every Blue Moon ceremony considers the journey of every participant and opens up the possibilities for change in every individual’s personal story. In other words, a Blue Moon brings forth major changes in our life whether we are open to it or not (unfortunately). You don’t have to be conscious of the Blue Moon to be affected by it. Yet, like I’ve said before “the more we are ready the more memorable it can be.”

If you want to know more about the gates – it would be best to ask a question relating to that particular topic. I hope that I’ve helped shed light on the Blue Moon and thank you to Jen for asking the question.



JenniferLeigh said...

*dances* yay!! thank you Lisa!!! that shed a ton of light on my curiosity. i was very excited to turn 26 this year, and have found myself changing a lot since april. when you said that it can be considered the moon of initiation, that definately touched me. i feel like im coming into my own, and that the process has sped up a bit.

i was wondering if you could elaborate a little on what Jack said online about it being the Moon of Mystery? what do the mysteries bring to the Blue Moon?

Wapeyit Malsom said...


The Blue Moon is situated at the center of the Medicine Wheel. This space is usually reserved (so to speak) to the presence of Creator, hence the reason why it is also referred to as the Moon of Mystery. Initiation is such a big word and naturally so...... I do hope you take advantage of what the Universe will be sending your way this year. Make of this Blue Moon the biggest transformation of your life and open your arms wide to beauty and abundance.