Monday, August 3, 2009

My story today.

Transitions are never easy and yet when we’ve shifted – we wonder what we complained about in the first place. What was so difficult about the unknown? I often have the impression that the word “unknown” applies to a point in time that isn’t clear when we’re submerged into the present and it’s reality. It doesn’t really exist as a reality in itself because if you really take the time to look at your life and its different details it all seems to speak about the same themes and the same kind of stories. The unknown is nowhere to be found.

My kids are adults now (18 and 19 years old). They look a lot like my husband and I. People can’t tell our voices apart and if you look at pictures of us at their age – the similarities are uncanny. Since they were born there’s been lots of conversations about how the children look or behave just like us, their parents. It’s a fascination. How magical our we – to be able to create a progeny that shows resemblance to us and to our ancestors? Life is as mysterious now as it has always been.

Still now that our kids have reached young adulthood, they begin their journey into finding the bits and pieces of themselves that are unique, original and of course different than their parents. We did it and now it’s their turn. There’s a part of that quest that is exciting and expected but another part that is scary and worrisome. Will they make it out of the nest on their own? Will they strive and succeed? Will they be happy? It’s not that we doubt in them but more so we wonder how we can ever let them go. For us the relationship started in dependence, and independence is somewhat of an unknown.

For sure in 30 to 40 years from now when it’s their turn to take care of us, there won’t be any second guessing and we’ll look back in time seeing this transition as nothing more than life…

Someone asked me recently about the East of the Medicine Wheel and the Summer Solstice. What came to mind was this story about transitions and child/parent relationships. The east is about new birth, new beginning, the sun rising and the start of any Wheel. In the east all seems possible and yet we lack the knowledge or wisdom to make it happen. Think of your childhood; observe babies; and question yourself on your attitudes and behaviours towards new beginnings – and you’ll get a good understanding of the meaning of the east on the Medicine Wheel.

As for the Summer Solstice – well, it’s about adolescence. It’s also a shift of season or a transitional experience. The way I see it the best answers in life can be found in simple every day stories.


Violet Cougar said...

Now that my parents are no longer on the Earth Plane, concepts of "family" for me have been throw to the winds, landing me on my butt, right in the East, hehe. I have begun a new Wheel in search of a partner, in search of family. The group is my family, without a doubt, but I feel the need to find a partner to share my life with.

My favorite thing you said in this post is, "The East is about new birth, new beginning, the sun rising and the start of any Wheel. In the East all seems possible and yet we lack the knowledge or wisdom to make it happen."

Standing in the East of this new Wheel, I very much feel new beginnings but lack the knowledge to make it happen.

This post touched me deeply.

Thank you Okwaho.

Hau, Sue

Wapeyit Malsom said...


I'm glad you found something in this story that "could be yours." Invite knowledge into your life and you'll see the Universe will hear you and you'll be harvesting new crop in new time -- or new fish (as in many fishes in the sea) LOL.
Take care.