Sunday, August 9, 2009


Synchronicity means – experiencing more than one event that aren’t meant to be connected and yet show details that bring them together.

Example. Today Sylvie was taking care of the pool and Gérard came outside laughingly calling her the “Lady of the Lake.” Tonight, we went to see a movie and one of the characters said: “Are you the Lady of the Lake?” Finally, when we arrived home a neighbour said that he was searching for his dog and it was found by the “Lady of the Lake” a few houses down. Now none of these events were planned. Also none of these events are connected in any way except for the fact that they keep bringing up the notion of the Lady of the Lake.

Synchronicity is often understood by common people as coincidence. In my world there is no such thing as coincidence. When synchronicities occur more than a dozen times a day, the word coincidence means “you’re too lazy to dig deeper and uncover other ways to reason out the phenomenon.” I understand synchronicity as our way to communicate with the world around and beyond us. I remember once when I was 19 years old and visiting my boyfriend’s family home up in the country, we were hiking a trail and we came across a trapped rabbit. Just before we noticed the animal, my boyfriend made a comment that the fur on my gloves looked cuddly like a rabbit. He talked about having a rabbit pet when he was little and that it was eaten by an Eagle. When we finally found the rabbit who was sitting still, extremely afraid – I couldn’t help but cry out: “We have to free it from the trap.” My boyfriend argued with me explaining that the traps were set by his father and that the rabbits were food. Right away I said: “But it’s like you are handing it to the Eagle. Your pet didn’t get robbed; you were fattening it up for someone else’s meal.” He looked at me strangely for a moment but then, for some reason what I said made enough sense for him to free the animal. The rabbit screamed as we untangled the wire from his back legs but it was fine. When it came time for it to leave it actually came close to us as if to say thank you and then, hopped away. My boy friend was strangely touched by the gesture. It eventually changed the way he would see the world…

Synchronicity is a profound experience where you understand yourself as part of Creation rather than a “ruler of it.” I’ve had humbling moments through synchronicities and even found myself arguing with the Universe on other occasions. Basically, what I understand of synchronicities is that it shows us that we don’t understand Creation as well as we think we do and that if we paid more attention to the mystery around us – we could uncover abilities and realities that we didn’t know existed.

Sensitive people will notice synchronicities more than most. Sensitive people will also experience more synchronicities than most as well. At the start of the journey – for most sensitive individuals, synchronicities are confusing and even maddening but with time and discipline synchronicities become tools that guide, inform, confirm, and help us on the path to learning and healing. If you are interested in synchronicities I suggest that you keep a journal of the events during the day that are not connected and yet become related because of random details. See how many synchronicities you experience during the course of a week. See if synchronicities begin to increase once you pay attention to them. And then, learn to see through your actions, your choices and behaviours – what the purposes of these synchronicities are in your life. Don’t be surprise if you start loving synchronicities because of the excitement, magic, and new perspective that they deliver. For sure – you will never be able to return to the idea of “coincidence” once you start exploring the world of synchronicity.

Thank you for those who keep giving me ideas for discussions on my BLOG. There’s quite a few of you… I do hope that I answer your questions and give you some clues to help you in your explorations on your path.


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Love your comment about coincidence as an excuse for being too lazy to explore! Nice post.

For more synchronicities, see our blog:

Wapeyit Malsom said...

Thank you for your comment Rob and I'll definitely check in on your BLOG.

Prismslight said...

Sychronicity...I always try to pay attention to those details that make me go okay why did that just happen becuase its connnected to what i saw this morning or heard there...It is digging deeper to find its message I love your blog thank you....