Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Clover Dreams

Every day I get lots of e-mails asking questions on Dreaming, the Medicine Wheel, and Shamanism. Clover's question made it to "my blog today."

Clover's Question and Dream:
Okay I’ve been dreaming a lot this past week or so and my hubby had a
cool dream last night that sparked some questions for both of us. I
love hearing about dreams and want to know more about their
messages :)
first dream...
Chris said he was playing bingo with his mom and he said he had an
overbite that he could feel through his upper lip he then felt them
cracking and he flicked one tooth and it fell right out then all his
teeth on top fell out except for one on the front.....one Dream what
does teeth mean falling out?

Clover I don’t believe in symbolic dreaming and thus, for several reasons.
  • For starters, it doesn’t work. It’s just not possible for teeth, for example to mean the exact same thing for everyone on the planet. Culture, religion and upbringing (our own personal story) are important influences on perspective. We’re bound to understand things differently all across the globe.
  • Second, symbolism implies rigidity; a strong mental body; and linear thinking. From experience everything about dreaming is in movement. It implies a cooperation from all 5 bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic). It’s also about circular thinking.
  • Finally, our dreams are strongly connected to our physical body. Until we can learn to explore this experience and understand it from a physiological perspective, any mental explanation is in my opinion detrimental.
What I can say is in the last week I’ve compiled more than 30 dreams (from different individuals) that included some kind of physical decomposition. For some people they were loosing arms, fingers, toes and with your husband’s dream – Teeth. It looks like there’s something collective occurring that is bringing up the theme of death and decomposition. I’ve come up with a few theories guided by synchronicities. I think that this human scare in relationship to the pandemic flu may be sending us these dreams.
Every dream space has its own archives of "metaphores." We all act and react differently when faced with challenges. We also learn and heal different lessons and issues triggered by different events or situations. As well, we all make different choices in life when exposed to certain dilemmas. Our dreams are meant to express our perspectives especially if we haven't done any kind of conscious work towards these life incidents in quite some time. More often than not, our dreams have the purpose of keeping us aware of what is important for our survival.
For the individual who works from 9 to 5 and comes home to an evening filled with household responsibilities there may not be that much time to reflect on perspectives related to issues we may not have even noticed. Yet, our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies archive these stories for a more appropriate time when we'll be able to give them some focus. Often for the average Westerner that time never comes unless the Universe triggers it. Our dreams more often than not "sound the last alarm" just before the Cosmos shouts at us "to stop and listen." Our dreams share with us those archived perspectives.
Learning to decipher messages behind impressions is an important skill to develop if we want to understand our dreams better. For example, have you ever come across an odor that brought you back to childhood; or faced someone's expression only to be haunted with a past memory; etc... We are surrounded by details that are meant to help us uncover ourselves and the relationships with have with others and the environment. Learn to pick up on the hints around you just by connecting to impressions. It's a silent language that reveals so much more than we could ever imagine.
P.S. If you dream of a red phone booth -- what do you think it may mean to you? To get the answer just allow yourself to stand in a booth and pay attention to what your impressions are. Come back with some feedback I'd love to continue the exercise with you.


Prismslight said...

Awesome>...I will come back with my thoughts.... You helped me to see its not the images but the impressions I was so focussed on what I was seeing in my dreams not looking at what the impressions were saying.....This is my favorite post to date on your BLOG!!!!

Prismslight said...

Okay so sat with this now for a day or so and I was a little perplexed by the task so I went with meditation and I imagined a phone booth what I would see...feel...hear...smell...and taste...
My dreams have not had a phone booth in it yet but I did dream of you last night and a lap quilt that you liked.
Back to the phone booth what it would mean to me.... impressions I recieved
first thing i noticed was a red booth on a corner of a street it was cloudy but not cold the trees were rustleing the leaves...
there is a door that slides creeks open in the booth.....I stepped inside and I got a message or sense that someone is trying to communicate somthing to me i need to answer(pick up the phone)i didnt pick up the phone instead I looked around the booth getting an impression... I felt the metal and glass cool on my finger tips the paint chips pieces or flecks of red peeled paint on my finger tips I could smell the damp air but it had a hint of mist and air from a light wind I went into a thought about the booth being a portal in a sense to a different space almost like a ship... then I started to overthink I was worried I was not doing this right...fearful of not knowing what to do next and wonder if I need to dream the booth to recieve more or do it right I know go with it so I will keep working and bring my impressionsssssss here!?

Wapeyit Malsom said...


I loved your story and experience concerning your search for "impressions" and the exercise on the telephone booth. I think you touched the impression exactly when you said: "I need to be ready for whatever is being communicated." The rust, the leaves, the night fall feeling brought me to understand the impression even deeper. I felt that the dreaming was telling you that "more often than not we accept communication when we neck high in hardship." It's time to let go of something so that we can hear what is being said clearly.

Great stuff.

Prismslight said...

When I read "felt that the dreaming was telling you that "more often than not we accept communication when we neck high in hardship." It's time to let go of something so that we can hear what is being said clearly." is what I have been feeling the more and more I do in my 9 to 5 the more I am feeling this sense of urgency to uncover the layers of what is really my calling or where I can do the most good?..Why not focus on somthing deeper more meaningful to my spiritual self... I just need to open up to them to find their message now to answer them and allow it to happen.