Tuesday, November 10, 2009


On December 31st, 2009 we’ll be celebrating a Blue Moon. This means that there will be two Full Moons in December. The Blue Moon is the second Full Moon within the same month. A Blue Moon phenomenon occurs every 3 years. On the Medicine Wheel the Blue Moon is referred to as the “rite of passage moon or the 13th Moon.” What we understand of the Blue Moon experience is that it refers to major life changes. Moving from childhood to adolescence or from adolescence to adulthood or from adulthood to the phase of the elder are natural and expected life changes. Illness, divorce, death or loss of employment for example are other kinds of life changes that could be referred to on our personal Medicine Wheel as a thirteen moon experience. For the Mayan people 2012 is the end of their calendar and refers to a major life change for humanity. You could say “it’s the 13th moon for the People of the Earth.” What is incredible and synchronic is that the next time we will be celebrating the Blue Moon after December, 2009 will be in August, 2012.

What makes 2012 special is not only the Blue Moon phenomenon but also the fact that the sun will be aligning with the Milky Way. Did you know that during a Full Moon there are more births, deaths and accidents than at any other time during the month? There’s no doubt that we are cosmologically influenced by the Moon the same way that the tides are regulated by the moon as well. Most people don’t bother with cosmological influences because they have very little to do with the kind of World we live in. It’s a fact that the moon as no effect on the stock market and we don’t refer to the moon when we plan birthday parties or job searches. In other words we don’t have much of a connection to the moon. But there were people in history who depended on cosmology and calculated their calendar according to the moon cycle. The moon was technology in so much that it gave people valuable information on how to survive and even strive. Today’s empires are no built in relationship to the moon but for the Aztec, the Mayan, and the Egyptians – the moon, the stars and the sun were important factors in daily living.

There’s been lots of debate on the Mayan Prophecies.

Will 2012 bring about the end of the World that everyone has been expecting for such a long time? There’s no doubt that 2012 was calculated as the end of the Mayan calendar. They understood this end as a major life change for humanity and for the Mayan People. How will this translate is something that we can speculate on but that I would much prefer to wait to experience. I remember how everyone was scared of the year 2000 and then, the pandemic flu. No matter what we expect or anticipate it’s never quite like the experience. If we have anything to grasp from Mayan philosophy is that “every moment holds an experience that is unique to everyone. It’s through devoting and committing to the present moment in learning and healing that we contribute to a collective consciousness that can and does become common ground to all humans around the World and thus, in a timeless manner.”

Since June, 2009 I’ve noticed that the Full Moons have been extremely powerful and impacting to my daily living more so than any Full Moon before that… I’ve deducted that the Blue Moon of December, 2009 has already been influencing the Moons on our Wheel. June for example was the Welcoming Moon this year (the 1st moon on our Wheel) as per calculated with the help of the Blue Moon three years ago. It’s not surprising that this June-moon and every moon after it are under the influence of the Blue Moon: The gestational cycle (so to speak) that will give birth to the Blue Moon of 2009. I know for a fact that when I was carrying my children every experience during my pregnancy had an influence on my life and undoubtedly the life of my children. Why would it be any different for cosmology?

When working with the Medicine Wheel and its Moons I’ve found it helpful to make comparisons to my personal life. It’s through this connection that I come to understand cosmology and how important it is to me and the people or creatures of our Planet. I think that if we would have kept our inter-relationship with cosmology as strong as what the Mayans had – we could have looked at 2012 as a an important shift in consciousness. I know that some scientists have argued over this theory but I’m not sure that we can safely say that “we’ve worked at this cosmological process or journey towards heightened consciousness.” We are no longer traditional dreamers within Shamanic communities we are materialistic people, Westerners and capitalists. Maybe the Mayan People if they wouldn’t have been massacred by the conquerors of foreign continents 500+ years ago could have reached a point of higher awareness just as they had predicted. Something along the way de-railed us all and so I’m not quite sure what 2012 will offer as an experience after all.


Ally said...

I feel that there has been a shift in consciousness happening, for a while now. I don't believe it is something that is sudden and quick - like some "happening" occurs and then BANG! Change! (Although I do believe that there are happenings that are like initiators that give us a push). I wonder, considering how unaware most folks are of natural and cosmological laws and energies, whether even with the pushes, people will recognize change when it happens? We convince ourselves that our world is how we have been told to imagine that it is....

Prismslight said...

I think also that we have been under a veil and it has been lifted we have a chance to live in connection with the earth...the animals I wonder if 2012 will be about connecting to that consciousness fully..I know its about change I feel it.

JenniferLeigh said...

can i post this on the thread that has been discussing 2012 on another forum?? maybe some people there will be called.

Wapeyit Malsom said...

Yes Jen. You have my permission.

Anya said...

I likey this post. i feel soon there will be more understanding and less judgement on the spiritual issues. I think we are preparing for something HUGE, and that we really are connected to the source and it will be easier to be our true essense, with the help of our community, to all move toward greater understanding.
Lisa- i love that you ARE who you are, and you are here to assist in such a huge shift in conciousness.Its so exciting, I cant wait to see how i unfold:D

Emily said...

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for this post!
Its fascinating.
I do also think we have become de-railed along the way.. but it seems in a way we are trying to find our back back.
I agree with Ally also.. theres been a shift happening..
The next 3 years will be interesting indeed!
Im wondering now, if one of my dreams from last night is maybe relating to this shift..or maybe just something within myself. Maybe you can tell me!
Lisa I emailed you about it, the one where I was on the beach.
I can put it here if its relevant.
If not I wont! Im curious about what it means.


Wheelkeeper said...

Thank you for this post Lisa, I will use a piece of it for an article I am writing on 2012 for our local alternative magazine that will come out in December. I agree that human evolution seems to have been "derailed" somewhere along the way, but I also see more and more people opening up to alternative perspectives and spiritual teachings, since I started on this path. It is slow moving, but I do see an awakening of consciousness.... just not sure if it will come as the result of sudden and intense catastrophe or a slow continual forward momentum. Like you said, we won't know until it happens.