Thursday, November 5, 2009

In Service to the Wheel

On the Medicine Wheel we learn that there are eight major roles at play in the building of community: The Fire Keeper, the Visionary, the Peace Keeper, the Warrior, the Nomad, the Dreamer, the Initiator and the Healer. Once a role has accomplished its task or mission in partnership to all the other roles -- He or She can fairly say: “I’m contented, fulfilled and successful. I have reason and purpose.” Aren’t we all looking for a life story that speaks of usefulness and wholeness?

Every role has its place, its time and its unique qualities, attitudes and abilities. One role can not take the space of another role. If a Visionary for example is not present within a circle than there’s a hole where he or she sits that needs to be filled in order for the hoop to be complete. We (as individuals) may possess the ability to more than one role but we usually find ourselves dominant in one in particular. When learning and working with the Medicine Wheel we usually explore five roles that are most likely to repeat in our daily living. If we can identify five roles and become disciplined, proficient and functional in these roles we can say that we are vocational people.

The idea of roles speaks of individualism in such that we are looking at what one person can do for the collective. Yet, individualism seen from an traditional, Aboriginal or Sacred Circle perspective is different than individualism defined in Western Society. In Western society individualism speaks of ME and ME alone whereas in circular thinking individualism speaks of how one person can belong and serve a community. Ego in the case of Sacred Circle tradition is not seen as harmful or even undesirable but as a part of man that can be tamed and can be taught to be in service. It is possible to be recognized, respected, looked up to or celebrated as someone extraordinary or special if we commit to our role, our time and place on the Wheel. We can all be people of power if we devote to who we are and what we are called to do in a circle.

There’s no need for competition unless it becomes a motivational tool. It’s all a matter of attitude. If we compete to eliminate others who may share similar roles we are making our team weak. If we compete to enhance the power within our roles than we are working to make our community stronger. Each role demands a life time of exploration because they are constantly changing and evolving. We need our elders to teach us their wisdom and we need new blood to renew and refresh our collective energy. The climb towards excellency is never ending and one of the reasons why it is so fulfilling to dive into our roles and to watch their accomplishments.

I speak of roles today because I notice how so many of our roles have been robbed of their power. In Western Society we don’t give emphasis to roles and we don’t even explore their potential. We focus on end result and we forget how any outcome comes into manifestation. We lack the awareness of the process of beauty and abundance as understood and mastered through the Sacred Circle Tradition. If we understood our roles better and we were recognized within these roles we would feel full. In the Army – soldiers are viewed as soldiers and there’s a sense of pride in that as well as a sense of brotherhood. Rare are those opportunities where we can identify ourselves within a role and within a clan of roles. Unfortunately in Western Society we often identify ourselves as part of a circle when we are dealing with crisis, trauma or addictions. People in support groups for illnesses, compulsions, sexual abuse etc… will often identify themselves similarly to what I’m describing here with roles. Yet, wouldn’t it be more beneficial if we concentrated on role building in everything we do with everyone we know? Pride, kinship and contentment would be readily available in all areas of our life.

Get to know each role better. Devote to one role for an extended amount of time. When you switch roles make sure you are aware of it and speak of the change to the people around you. Work together on roles. Make it part of team building. Encourage discussions on the topic and become a motivator in empowerment. If you want to bring a change in your life and begin to build relationships that are based on fulfillment and success rather than constantly be drowning in complaints and disempowerment – explore those parts of you who are in service to wholeness.

You’ll be surprised at how much it makes sense and how simple it is to be happy…

I plan to write a blog on the different roles some time in the future if you are interested. Please leave me a note somewhere if this is something that would be helpful to you.


Emily said...

Yes! Definately. I would be interested in this.
I know I havnt explored all of the roles. Im not even sure If i'm aware of what my own roles are. I know I tend to adapt to the situation i'm in, the circle of people around me.
I know there is a lot I have yet to discover about my own roles, and learning to be aware of what role i'm in and how i move from one to another.
I think the only way to learn is to see how you act/behave within a circle..maybe

Cool! Thanks :)


Wapeyit Malsom said...


What role do you think you find yourself in most often?


Emily said...

Hi Lisa,

Hmm...good question.
Most often I think Dreamer and Initiator..
I think i'm not fully aware of my roles though.

Prismslight said...

I want to learn to recognize when im in role vs another and i love how you put it in context of working with those around us that positive focus...i love collaborateing with other like minded individuals I feel a sense of accomplishment when we can move through and get things done. For my personal wieght loss I also have been journalling my wish or spark tracking my progress figureing out what i need to keep going, dreaming about what my healthy body looks like and how it will feel to run my 10 km I know its not happening tomorrow but the end result is there if I work at it. I definitely want to know about the characteristics of the different roles. I like too the point about being happy I think society as a whole is to focussed on negative. Dwell is more the word I want to move past that with purpose. Thanks

Ally said...

Okwaho, I am also very interested in a blog on the individual roles. I have in my archives all sorts of things that have been written in the groups, over the years; I find that the roles have such depth to them, that there always seems to be more to be said about the roles.


Boot'n said...

I'd love to hear more on this topic as well!

Wapeyit Malsom said...

I will definitely get to it as soon as I can. MR has also asked that I write a blog entry on 2012. I plan to write a little something on that too.

Thank you for your constant interest and feedback.
You are the reason why I'm still here writing.

Violet Cougar said...

I would love to read blog entries on each of the Roles. I seem to be really focused on the Roles/Winds for several months now, feeling sensitive to them, being open to them, wanting to learn from them. I've been paying attention to people trying to see what roles they might have, and also being open and sensitive to the Winds as they blow in and out.

Can't wait to read your posts!