Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Synchronicities Again.

I’ve talked about synchronicity before but since this is a topic that is directly related to a few passions of mine which are Indigenous Dreaming, Shamanism and the Way of the Sacred Circle – there’s no doubt this subject will be a repeat every now and again on my blog. For those of you who are impressed and fascinated with the topic I do recommend that you go check out Rob and Trish McGregor’s blog, 1111 Synchronicity. They are writing a book on the topic and they welcome your stories.

In my life synchronicity is related to Indigenous Dreaming, Shamanism, and the Way of the Sacred Circle. About 12 years ago, I sat down with a Passamaquody elder and Medicine Woman who said to me that synchronicity was the language of the gods. She admitted talking to Spirit, the Ancestors and Creator through the use of it. It certainly made sense to me that the Universe spoke to her with synchronicity but I did wonder how she was able to express herself in the same manner. Do we have any control over synchronicities? I wondered how we (humans) could synchronically speak to one another or to the world around us.

“The beauty about synchronicity,” she explained to me “is that it’s an unconscious, mysterious language that is based on the idea that we find behind animism. If we come to believe that all things have spirit than we come to understand that all things carry stories and that these stories are constantly in movement.”

EC believed that synchronicity was possible through the journey that medicine (power) takes when it embodies objects, trees, animals, people etc… She talked about her own First Nation Language. She said that in comparison to English or French -- Aboriginal words depend solely on the experience of the people who are attempting to express themselves. For example did you know there were 250 words to speak about snow in the Inuit language. The texture of the flakes, how they fall and whether or not they remain makes a different in the way that you speak of them. It’s believed by most indigenous people that we give power and momentum to the words that we use when speaking them if we are conscious of the experience we are sharing. Today, people are rarely present to what they are communicating and so more often than not “our” words are empty of power (medicine). This is why we are not surrounded by synchronicities as much as we could be.

EC managed to convince me that by walking a sacred walk we change everything about ourselves and begin to have sacred manners, sacred relationships, sacred wants and needs, sacred words… If we express sacredness which means “give it momentum” eventually it will boomerang back to us. Isn’t that what synchronicity is about: “Noticing that there’s common ground between us and all things in our environment at the most unexpected time.”

I often receive the comment that what I write on my blog is incredibly synchronic in according to people’s questions or people’s life. Some have even said: “Are you psychic?”

The answer to that is “no!” I’m not psychic but I am someone who believes in EC’s words and tries to put them into practice. I’ve found that if I spend time being present to what I live, feel, think, and express that often I can send “out” synchronicities. It’s as if I’m in communication with everything around me. It seems that for as long as it lasts I’m in sync literally with everyone and everything. Of course, for moments to become days, weeks and months it would take lots of work, discipline and consistent choices and living. A two way conversation with the Universe seems to demand a completely different perspective than what we are used to in the 21st century.

P.S. In my last blog entry I spoke of a stray dog that we were able to get adopted (photo above). It seemed that life brought S to us at the right time because everything fell into place for him and for the people who received him in their home. Synchronicity at its best. There are so many great synchronicity stories out there... showing that life is power in movement. Thank you for sharing with me and inspiring us all.

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