Thursday, December 17, 2009

Once in a Blue Moon - Intro.

On Dec.31st.2009 there will be a Blue Moon which means the 2nd full moon in the same month. The Blue Moon phenomenon usually occurs approximately every three years. The next time we will be celebrating a Blue Moon will be in August, 2012. For those of us who follow the Sacred Circle Tradition this means the crossing of the Dream Time Gates. The whole idea behind the Blue Moon is that it is a Moon of Initiation. Every three years we are basically tested or challenged on what we’ve learnt in the past three years since the last Blue Moon and offered a chance to move to a new reality of awareness and learning. If we pass the gates we are offered a major life change and if we don’t pass the gates we basically continue where we’ve left off for another three years. Unlike the Western perspective of failing and success the Blue Moon initiation only focuses on what is best for every individual. For some not making it across the gates may be the best possible solution…

There are sixteen gates on the Sacred Circle. There are eight outside gates and eight inner gates. The eight outside gates are: dolphin, spider, deer, lizard, coyote, raven, snake and owl. Each gate has its own properties and characteristics. The dolphin gate for example is about unconditional love. Spider is about fear and deer is about making choices. The lizard is about sorcery and incantation whereas the coyote is the trickster and the scavenger. The raven is the keeper of in-between and the snake is the seducer and the sexual predator. The owl is the messenger of death. I may be a bit quick and vague in defining each gate but I think people can get the picture. The idea is to reach each gate and attempt to cross them. It’s like crossing the border between Canada and the U.S. each gate basically harbours an initiator who makes sure that the people who cross deserve their crossing.

Once you’ve crossed the outside gate you then make your way towards the inner gate. The inner gates are: thunderbird, orca, eagle, dinosaur, bison, wapiti (elk) turtle and wolf. Again each gate has its own properties and characteristics. The thunderbird is about rage, anger and propulsion. It’s about movement basically. The orca is about determination whereas the eagle is the messenger. The dinosaur is about extinction and the bison is about family or community or building a Nation. The elk or the wapiti is about “not having any choice” when faced with certain circumstances in life. The turtle is about slowing time and honouring one’s story. Finally, the wolf is the pathfinder, the guide. Each gate again holds an initiator who is ready to test you. Only those who are deserving of the values at the gate will cross the gate.

You can reach the Blue Moon only once you’ve faced the challenges and crossed the gates. It is understood that once the gates are crossed each individual will have their two feet in the dreaming of the Blue Moon and will be given three years of transformation. Synchronicities, dreams and obvious, daily events will show who are the people who’ve crossed the gates and what has been given to them.

I plan to return with more entries and stories on the topic of the Gates of the Blue Moon.


Faithfully-Loving-Raven said...

Thank you Lisa, I understand a little bit more each time you talk about this .. :)
Look forward to reading more!


p.s is there any way to get an idea of whether we will each pass the gates or not? Does our passing through the gates depend completely on how much we prepare? Or how we 'perform' on the 31st?
Somehow I feel like its an exam, sometimes it doesnt matter how much you study, it can depend on how you perform on that day..

lulu said...

Hi Lis,
I enjoy reading your blog here. Sometimes things fall into place much easier when i read here.
My dream last night has gotten me curious about the gates moreso now especially since at the start you said i would not pass my made me more determined to work at my gates even though i am not sure what they are. So my question is similar to Emilys, is my dream stating for sure that i will not pass or can i work on this? I know you are my dreaming teacher as you stated so does that mean you already know that i shall not pass?
Btw...loving your blog here, have noted it in facebook too for others to come read and learn if they wish.

Wapeyit Malsom said...

Lulu would you mind giving me your "real name" - so I can be able to answer your questions. I don't remember telling anyone that they "wouldn't pass the gates". I may have said that according to certain actions, behaviors or attitudes -- they weren't passing the gates they said they "were hoping to pass." In other words certain attitudes or behaviors weren't consistent to the gates. Getting to know the gates is important...

So knowing who's behind LULU would help me answer the questions. Can you help me out!?


Michelle said...

So knowing the collective gate is dinosaur and its about extinction could we have crossed that gate within this past three years, or is this just at the Blue Moon? Our Wishes during the Soltice will also have influence on the Blue Moon right....I am finding my wishes are not as focussed on my physical surroundings as they were last year they are more focused on my spiritual self my soul my purpose living in connection to the dreaming...I put a wish about my budgeting for practicallity and my exercise and continued healthy wieght loss of 72 pounds. Do the Gates know our wishes and create the challenges to help us accomplish the goal or not...

Wapeyit Malsom said...

Yes Michelle --
It all comes together. It's unusual that the gates and the wishes are together. This year they are. You don't have to worry -- the COSMOS will bring them together as one and you'll see how synchronicity will reveal the end result. Your wishes are wonderful by the way.


lulu said...

Hi Lisa,
It is me Leanne who is Lulu or now as i prefer...Lili.
I believe i passed however even though i know in the dreaming you said i would not. I am not sure what this means but perhaps if i am meant to understand then it shall surface some time in the future.

Wapeyit Malsom said...


Just keep an eye on the synchronicities all year through and for the next three years. It's those synchronicities that will tell you wether or not you've crossed the Blue Moon Gates. One thing is for sure whether or not you've crossed the gates -- the next three years will be filled with learning and bringing your personal story to consciousness. YOU decide on what comes next and how to make it happen... The Blue Moon is just a little shove.