Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

I’ve been stewing with this blog entry for a few days. The Blue Moon of 2009 certainly left many of us with profound impressions and mine are still all tangled up waiting to be expressed. Don’t hold it against me if it takes a few weeks maybe even months to share it all. Like I was telling a friend tonight “it feels like we’ve been under a spell and it is slowly lifting.” Again I don’t want to get too ahead of myself because the Blue Moon influence won’t stop until after the next full moon which is at the end of January. At that point we’ll be starting a new moon cycle, with the Moon of Welcome. Where many of us have been talking about the next cycle being identical to the Western calendar I have to correct the mistake by saying that we’ll be off by one moon. In fact the Moon of Welcome will be in February rather than January. With the Blue Moon of 2009 we’ve actually been robbed of five moons (so to speak) having one cycle interrupted to start a new cycle. Lots of you have been asking the question: “How does this affect us?” I can venture a few theories but I think that our experience in the next year will be the true witness to the KISS of the BLUE MOON of 2009.

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about – I think it’s best to say: “we’re moving into a new life cycle and there so much out there that has an impact on us, on a daily basis.” Learning about Sacred Circle Tradition helped me open my eyes to what Aboriginal People call “mystery.” It help me shift perspective when it was time to shift perspective and helped me have another perspective to shift into… More often than not the problem people have when they are stuck in crisis or in conflict is that they don’t know how else to see the situation. We’re so programmed in our society, rigid with judgments and boxed into perceptions that we don’t see that most of our answers are in the unknown, in the world of mystery. Shamanism at least from my experience taught me to let go, surrender. It taught me to believe in my instincts and in my own story. It showed me that there were other ways to reach my goals than through Western methods. Once it worked for me and beyond my expectations there was no stopping me from sharing it with others.

Right here and right now today, I want to say THANK YOU. Thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog since it started in 2009. Thank you to everyone who suggested that I write a blog; who suggested that I write dozens of books in the past to decades; and thank you to everyone who supported me through over a 1000 dream time charts. Thank you to all of you who asked for me to write articles for newspapers, newsletters, magazines, and blogs etc…. Writing was once a childhood dream and after 40 years it has becoming a dream come true quite literally. So thank you.

In the last 20 years I’ve been lucky enough to lecture in Shamanic Conferences, in Universities and High Schools. I remember starting my career (so to speak) in elementary schools and watching little boys and girls dance around our mother drum with their hearts open to the stories of Gloosecap and the songs of the Little People. Whether “we” helped people with visions or dreams; mundane issues and questions; or community building – what seemed most important to me through the years was the way we gathered together on the path and consciously or unconsciously committed to be sacred and to teach sacredness to our children and grand-children.

This blog is often a struggle because it demands time and it demands that I sit down and put on paper what I often would prefer leaving to the wind. I see the need for such a blog and I do promise to commit to it for 2010. I hope that you will continue to suggest topics and continue to ask questions. Your participation is extremely motivating and empowering. Wolikon (thank you)

In November 2009 my daughter did an essay on “the value of blogging” and she wrote that where for most bloggers it is important to be popular and to “shout their life to the world” she could see through “my blog” (her mother’s blog) that there is value to the whole concept as long as it is done with the intention to connect at some profound and sacred level. Like I told her “she speaks of an attitude that isn’t only about blogging but is about anything and everything we do in shamanic circles.” If we could just apply the attitude especially when we share our stories – we may just feel more empowered and more connected to each other. I would certainly like for 2010 to be about empowerment and about deep connection.

The Blue Moon certainly left me with the first impression of empowerment and profound inter-relationships. Everything about the month of December repeated these themes in my life and this is why they are giving movement to my 2010. I’ll definitely try to share one story a month on these topics to keep you remembering the touch of the Blue Moon and to keep you working towards the next one in 2012.

Sleep tight everyone.

Sweet dreams.

P.S. Thank you KT for the picture.


Michelle said...

Looking forward in anticipation
for 2010 and ....to the Rattling the Bones Blog site...You need to know that there have been so many of your blogs that have just fit into what I was needing that day or a theme I had questions about...It has helped me pay attention to what is available all around us. Wolikon and Happy New 2010 to you!

lulu said...

Hi Lisa,
I HAD to share that my offering to the Blue Moon this year was a Kiss. I know that may sound daft to some but it was the right offering to me at the right time. When i read your words i thought WOW...my kiss is in there. It wasn't a stupid idea, even though to me it never was, i was not sure how others may perceive it.

Wapeyit Malsom said...

Michelle and Lulu,

Thank you for your comments. It's good feedback for another year of "blogging." I wasn't sure if I wanted to commit another year but it seemed to make sense... It's when you all give me great comments that it all boils down to "I'm Glad TO BE HERE".