Saturday, March 6, 2010

Echo of the After Life

Almost 15 years ago I put up some posters in New Age shops all around the Montreal area inviting people to a conference where I would be lecturing on Aboriginal Dreaming and the Medicine Wheel. The turn out was amazing, 100 plus people showed up and we had a great time at this gathering. Two months after the event we received a call from a woman who had lost her husband. She explained that her husband loved Shamanism and left her with boxes and boxes on the topic.
"My husband wouldn't want these books to fall in the hands of just about anybody," she told us and hoped that we would be open to inheriting his collection since we shared the same passion.

"Why us?" was my first unspoken question. Almost as if she was reading my mind the woman explained that she had never shared her husband's passion and didn't know the first thing about how to find people who did... She explained that she made a prayer and left it to her husband to guide her to the people he wanted to give this inheritance to.
"It didn't take two days -- and I found your poster in one of our local shops," she told us with a great big smile. It seemed that although this woman didn't share the passion of Shamanism with her husband, she certainly believed that he was still around watching over her and showed us that she loved him greatly.
"Sure," was my response. Perhaps not very eloquent, yet she caught us by surprise. It's not every day you are approached by a perfect stranger who's willing to give you a piece of her husband's inheritance.
When we finally picked up the boxes we were quite impressed with the incredible collection of material on everything and anything connected to Shamanism. We found out that this man was not only someone who was interested in Shamanism but he was an expert in the field. Dr. F was an ethnologist who was greatly interested in the Spiritual aspects of Shamanism.
As I started looking through the books I noticed that Dr.F underlined many paragraphs and comments within the texts; and even wrote a few of his own insights. The more I read the more I had the impression I was sitting in one of this man's classes hearing his thoughts on topics that I explored as well, on my own. We definitely had similar questions and feedback. If I didn't know any better I would have said: "We were almost one and the same person."
*By the way - I too underline text that catch my attention and write comments in the columns. I've sold some of my books to students who were hungry to read some of my inner thinking on Shamanic topics. To think that Dr.F reached towards ME to share some of his exploration of the topic was quite humbling.
It took years to finally get through the 3 boxes that we inherited from Dr.F. What was wonderful is that he had taken the time through the years to write letters to authors such as Twylah Nitsh and Sun Bear. Seeing some of their letters and how they contributed to his studies was a blessing in disguise. I had the impression of suddenly being included in a private circle. I don't think that Mrs.F had any idea of the value of her husband's Shamanic library or perhaps she did? After all it ended up in my hands....
I've made the books accessible to my students through the years and every now and again I dig through them to trigger new interests or new topics of exploration. Some of the books are no longer in print and are written by people we've never heard about. For me that was one of the thrills -- to be able to connect to new faces who have contributed to the Shamanic world. Perhaps the most appreciated NEW FACE was Dr.F. His voice through the books was like having a Teacher and Elder stretching from the After Life and touching us quite literally here on Earth...
Even when I would step away from the library there was always a synchronic event that would bring me back to the books or Dr. F's notes. It never failed - I always found answers, direction, and confirmation through these boxes of treasure. I even found two dictionaries on two Aboriginal languages. What was incredible about this was that these dictionaries were put together by Catholic priests who came here on a mission to convert First Nation People to Christianity. We keep hearing awful stories about these first missionaries but obviously through exploring this dictionary we got a sense that there were Church people who were interested in Aboriginal culture, tradition and language.
I've never seen such dictionaries for sale on the market. I felt quite pleased to have two of them in my possession. I do look through them often and let myself dream words that carry so much meaning and experience. The Aboriginal language is so unlike the French or English language in so much that it depends on experience and impression. Remember Aboriginal people base their living on circular thinking...
Dr. F died almost 12 years ago and still 'til this day, it seems that he walks through my house and shares every day thoughts and feelings on Shamanism. I never met the man but I feel like I know him well. I've also had dreams of him where he formally introduced himself and asked ME questions as if I was a treasure for him as much as he was a treasure for me. It's amazing how relationships can transcend realities. There was a time in my life when I didn't honor and appreciate this gift of being able to speak to Spirit. I have to say that things have changed and in the last decade, I've come to understand that there's so much to learn from LIFE beyond the structures that we've given it.
This is one ECHO of the after life and today, I was called to share it with you.


Cougar-D said...

Thank you Lusa for sharing this magical story. Makes me realize how the universe works and to trust it. Abundance comes in unexpected ways. Feels like you recieved boxes of treasures.

Michelle said...

....Life is such a mystery Thank you for sharing your story I am really curious about the dictionaires how interesting it is that the misionaries actually wanted to record the culture and people I have always heard the stories of heathens and needing to convert the savages...this puts another light on things. What a treasure indeed.:)

Wapeyit Malsom said...

Thank you Cougar-D and Michelle for your comments.

Michelle it's true that we often hear the negative stories -- those that trigger negative thoughts and negative opinions when there's countless stories out there waiting to be discovered. The beauty of the dream time --is that it keeps ALL of our stories spinning indefinitely and there's always a possibility for us to have access to them.


Anonymous said...

This morning I was inspired to come back to your blogs and re-read them, Language and Listening has been a theme in this month Moon of Affirmation. I have been carefully hunting words all this month to in order to share my experience.
Michell comment put a smile on my face and immediately brought me back to the wheel, where I was sitting about 3 years ago today, where Marlaine words and silence, told the story of a Nation and inspired this me in return to share this journey about scientist and Inuit coming together, as the missionary and the aboriginal did, to translate and strengthen their case to Ottawa that stricter measures need to be taken in order to preserve northern ocean and rare species of whale who are coming back to the region. Soon after, I come across a book at a library called PERDRE LE NORD; it spoke about this journey and incorporated the scientific with the aboriginal language- speaking of the North West passage & this importance of
Today language, which is primary base on scientific and so-called rational communication, always try to explain the mysteries and ask WHY WHY WHY. Like a 2years old would and literally how sometimes the scientist mind can PERDRE LE NORD, on incorporating the mystery in their life –but always trying to explain it.
Anyhow, got to go… I am checking a plan in an hour- hope this made sense.
Thank you Lisa for your generous story.

Wapeyit Malsom said...


Yes, it makes sense.
Language should be filled with POWER: Medicine.
It should empower all of us to do good and to be good. Whatever that means is everyone's unique journey!!!

Thank you for coming back to the blog and for sharing.


Lulu said...

Hi Lisa,
I was blessed with a book handed down from my Nan, (you can see her and i together on my fb profile.)
Her mother was a healer and medium and was a real elder from my understanding.
The binding of the book is in a bad state of repair but the pages are held together well.
I know this book came to me when i started opening my eyes to Spirit more. From reading it , it offered a different perspective on the afterlife. I started experiencing various things whilst reading this book and i still refer back to it now and again to see how it affects me with my experience. I know it helped me with over coming my fear of the unknown.
Recently, i came across my grandmother in spirit. It seems she journeys with me, this Saturday i saw her eyes smiling at me, like stars they were, through the eyes of another. This is her gift, via her daughter. I feel blessed.

Fishrarr said...

Wow, what a wonderful gift. Sometimes wisdom is so hard to come by and then their it is. I am so glad that they came to you. There are no mistakes. Just reading what you shared makes me feel wiser, and grateful.
Blessings, Tom.