Thursday, April 15, 2010

Part 2. Moon of Drama

RP’s story is not unlike many others. We often believe that we are the only ones who were battered, abused, abandoned, humiliated etc… but the fact of the matter is, this is unfortunately a common ground amongst most human beings. When we are hurting we often say to those who want to help us: “… but you don’t understand.” A part of us has been programmed despite the obvious to believe that darkness can be owned.

Sacred Circle tradition which is a shamanic tool or philosophy teaches us that nothing can be owned. Our First Nation ancestors lost claim to their ancestral land because of this shamanic belief system. They kept telling the European conquerors that “nobody can own mother earth.” 500 years later we begin to understand the depth of that wisdom but it still doesn’t changed the fact that the majority of people on this planet either own or rent their dwelling and their small piece of home. Where the ancestors thought their wisdom was practical and obviously sane – they soon came to realize that there are other mind sets in the world. How much do we loose in our life time because of programming: Ours and those of others?

When RP approached me with her story and her questions there were two obvious repetitions for me:

· The theme of children challenged by their talents and abilities; and seeking mentors.

· Her search for a definition to the words --- shaman and shamanism.

Through watching her deliver her story and her questions I couldn’t help but observe the natural rhythm of nature and cosmology influencing her speech, her actions, and even such details as tone, emotion and attitude. Once you took away the programming behind her questions you were left with someone searching to mimic beauty.

Obviously the question remained: What does someone like RP find beautiful?

You would think that all three year old boys find trucks and cars attractive but my son never cared much about them despite his father’s passion for motor bikes or any kind of motor vehicles. My son loved music and sounds very early on in life. At three years old he was using musical cards and tucking them near the latches of doors or boxes so that we would hear music when we would open them. We quickly concluded with the help of programming that he would grow up to become an engineer. It would have never crossed her mind that he would become a musician.

It is human nature to influence one another. The same way that animals, birds and trees influence the grand scheme of the forest. Where it becomes dysfunctional is when the influence becomes rigid and unchanging. At this point it no longer follows natural and cosmological reality.

“Should we expect people to feel sad, or sorry about us when we mention that we are sick or that we’ve lost a loved one? Should we expect people to be afraid when we scream insults at them. Should we feel sad or be scared when people share their stories or get mad at us as well?” I asked. At first she nodded yes but then, somewhat confused RP shrugged “I don’t know.”

From a shamanic point of view if we’re not in the experience than the emotions we feel are triggered by memory or programming. In other words they are results of some kind of influence on our life. If we’re seeking to find our true nature than we should be able to go back to the roots and find ourselves there before we were touched by others. This is why we often speak of soul retrieval in shamanic circles. I understand Shamanism as a way of living which focuses on collective strength, power (medicine), beauty and abundance. Sacred Circle tradition helps me separate from influences and concentrate on where I fit in the scheme of Creation.

It’s been clear to me that defining shamanism is difficult mostly because we don’t know enough about this way of living and also because it is always in constant movement. The actual act of defining goes against shamanic perspective and so it makes incredible sense that shamans were never very helpful in defining their role or their unique abilities. It was then that RP lifted a finger and interrupted me.

“Couldn’t contemporary shamans help in defining their role because things have changed and if they express that movement is crucial to shamanism – then, most people would be open minded to the ever-changing definition,” RP cleverly said.

Again, I couldn’t help but laugh.

In one sentence she managed to bring together the Moon, the Earth and the Stars. I could see the beauty of influence and the reason why souls keep coming back for more.

“You certainly make a good point,” I said and left it at that.


P.S. I wouldn’t mind your feedback because these two blog entries are right out of my personal journal and literally jump from thoughts to inner questions. What does it stir in you? Does it bring up some questions for you? And what are you thoughts on the many topics that are hidden between the words?



Michelle said...

This definitely sparked alot of discussion between C and I. I had questions about what is a Shaman and shamanism also..I sat with this and for me it came down to what do I feel what is my expreience...I told C that remember when i went to the workshop I tried to teach it to told me no i have to learn for myself...i realized that it was for each of us to experience and ask questions..dig deeper..C and I talked about well what do you say to someone who say's What is a Shaman? I replied why do I have to answer that? he gave me that look..I laughed and said "again I can talk from my experience of meeting a Shaman what I know but I think that one must expereience it for themself.if a person is seeking to learn I am not the teacher but I know one ;) We then talked about how western society likes definistions boxes labels it is hard to break those programs down and just be...I think talking about it gives people more perspectives..But then C say's why can't their be a definition am I just suposed to say find out for yourself...I laughed adn said thats your choice..i think I want to learn more but I feel like I do not have to justify myself to anyone where I know before I would of been worried about someone's thoughts of me what I was doing what it meant to try to live my life shamanically. I know I am trying to incorporate the values with my family in my day to day life and its allowing me to learn everyday...just a start of more exploreing>>>>

Sublime said...

I just recently asked my self the same question "What is Shaman and shamanism."
would I be able to explain it to somone else... No.
So I thought I would buy a book on shaman and Shamanism to get a better understanding, a clearer picture of what the words mean.

Well When I opened my book..I was pulled right into the stories of the different initiations of some Shamans...
Then later, after I thought about what I had just read, I realized that was THEIR perspective, THEIR story...just One piece to the puzzle. But it didn't define My perspective, or my experiences in shamanism, the workshops, or meeting a Shaman, and Master dreamers.
So on my journey, "what is Shaminism" well I found out that one piece of the puzzle doesn't define the whole...not when it's so huge and broad, not when it's a way of life with many dimensions and aspects.

Boot'n said...

Wolikon? I haven't seen that word before.

This blog speaks to me on so many levels. I feel it is a great example of what I am going through. It is also a mirror of the discussions going on at the Lodge. What is Shamanism? What is Western? How shall we integrate chit-chat, processes and dreaming? Is it even possible to do so? Would we want to if we could?

I'm going through both the moon and the year of Drama. I feel like that 3 year old trying to imitate beauty... being able to emulate some aspects of Shamanism, but not wholly getting it yet. Like I'm looking through a window at something I want, but can't yet touch. And at the same time I find everything beautiful and thrilling. I love the journey.

Wapeyit Malsom said...

Wolikon means THANK YOU in Malacete (First Nation People in N.B. Canada).

Thank you Michelle, Sublime and Bootie for sharing your stories. I enjoyed reading your comments.

Shamanism is indeed a journey. I just hope you're all committed and loving this process...


Anonymous said...

I giggled at your *wink* and couldnt help but relate to RP. In this story I see aspects of my lessons over this past year. I too calculate and manipulate conversations to set up to get the answer/outcome that I want. This has been so ingrained in me that I never really noticed it...and now I am trying to become conscious of when/how & how often I do this.
The other thing that has come up for me is the question of "Why?" It made me think about an experience yesterday. There were a small group of my sisters and close friends getting a reading together. In the reading there were questions that we asked that made me wounder why we were asking them. The answer to the questions were simply that we were trying to define something that limited the experience and that was unnecessary to define. I realized that for myself it was about ego that I wanted to know the answers to the questions.
So back to the question of what is a Shaman... It has been said that a Shaman is the breathe of creation. In the presence of the Shaman I can feel the energy... A point blank answer seems to me like it would be bringing in Dogma. It would be limiting the experience and trying to define something that is unnecessary to define. I am trying to put thoughts & words to something that I am feeling, but feel unable to capture the essence of exactly what it is that I am feeling. My thoughts

Wheelkeeper said...

Lisa, You wrote... "The actual act of defining goes against shamanic perspective and so it makes incredible sense that shamans were never very helpful in defining their role or their unique abilities".

This is exactly my problem these days... always has been when it comes to teaching. Trying to define what I do feels so limiting... yet people demand definitions. That is why I like story telling, as long as people realize I am sharing MY experiences and that their experience will be different.

I learned that we all experience what we need... or are open to, when it comes to being in the presence of the Shaman. We can only see what is being mirrored back to us, what we are capable of seeing or what the Shaman allows us to see.

I remember people coming to the Shaman and going away disappointed because they didn't get anything special, didnt get what they wanted or expected. or they didn't believe and wanted to prove the Shaman a fake. The Shaman had nothing to prove to them and each person would get something different. It took me awhile to understand that you could ask the same question and get a different answer... depending on who was asking, when and where they were at.... both emotionally, spiritually, and geographically.

Some things cannot be explained away... yet we keep trying. I am finding myself at a loss for words these days when it comes to talking to others about this path, the teachings and Shamanism.

I realize I forgot what it is like for those just starting on the path - those who don't know how things work when we follow natural laws, who don't know how our ancestors did things... how to honor the Shaman for instance, how to give back to the Shaman.


Wapeyit Malsom said...

Thank you so much for sharing your stories.


Sublime said...

This speaks to me about labeling. I know I labels things alot. I realize I do this by trying to define things. By trying to put a name to an experience or feeling. I realize this helps me to a certain extent but then I can also see that it also causes rigidness and barriers..because once you put something in a box and label it it doesn't allow room for growth, or room for other Experiences.

Cougar-D said...

I could feel RP trying to get this on a mental level, having to have things make sense and seem logical. I do this ALL the time. The thing this path does is demands that you get things on other levels. I constantly stuggle go get out of my head, to need to understand everything from a mental place. It is almost as if something is not true, real or profound if I fo not get it mentally. I see a shift me in, ever so slight to just feel and to know that I know even though I don't have words to express. This is what you blog brings up for me.


Wapeyit Malsom said...

Great feedback everyone.
Thank you.


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