Tuesday, August 24, 2010

For Better or For Worst.

For Better or For Worst is written by Lisa F. Tardiff
Montreal, P.Quebec

I recently wrote a blog entry, on August 3rd, 2010, entitled “Walk your Talk”. Yesterday, a friend who’s pen name is Rockstar and who manages our workshops, our community site, our web page and other activities brought to my attention a blog entry written by one of the participants in CF. JP thought it was important to bring this entry to my attention because not only is it defamation of character but it also confirms my complaint of plagiarism.

I don’t do defensive mode but I do – do Warrior mode. I think it is important to stand and accept the burden of truth. I certainly don’t pretend to take ownership of the Senecca language or the Senecca traditions as I am not Senecca. Yet, I repeat – I will take ownership of what is self-originated within the teachings that I have shared with others in the last 20 years. The Medicine Wheel is a self-originated ceremony which means that it is partly self-created and interwoven with the ways of the People. The individualized insights and ideas that I have brought to “our “ Wheel have been copy written in Canada during the course of our journey – which is 20 years of teaching, lecturing and writing. Every teacher of the Medicine Wheel brings new insights and new ideas. I strongly recommend that you read Sun Bear, Kenneth Meadow, Evelyn Eaton, Joseph Raël, Jamie Sams and her teacher, Twylah Nitsch. They are all pioneers in the writing and teaching of the Medicine Wheel. Twylah Nitsch in particular offers Senecca teachings. I would recommend that you compare her teachings to “ours”in order to clearly see the difference between what is Senecca and what is our self-originated ideas and insights. You’ll notice through reading these books that each of these teachers owns claim to a unique perception of the Sacred Circle Tradition. I don’t think that plagiarising their teachings or slandering their characters would be taken lightly….

The Moon of Territory teaches us to set boundaries and to claim our thoughts, our feelings, our impressions and our memories. She brings us to understand what it means to take responsibility and gives us a glimpse of what it means to be Warrior. I was told by people who are investigating this matter on my behalf that since “Walk your Talk” the CF site has changed many of the words which derive from our teachings and replaced them with new titles, synonyms of sorts. I appreciate this action. Affairs concerning plagiarism on internet are tricky; nevertheless there are recourses we can take to protect our legal rights especially in matters of registered patents and copyrights even across borders. Still, I personally prefer civil dialogue.

The author representing CF admits in “Response to RTB” that my request to discuss the matter was indeed refused. I did write my name in bold letters in hope that they would recognize me, notice the urgency and accept my attempt for discussion. Apparently they did recognize me and intentionally refused to deal with me. On my part, the matter was hence handed down to appropriate individuals for further investigation. After launching a complaint I was told that at least four individuals were already looking into the matter for me. I was also told that two of their demands were also rejected and one was told after an inquiry that “the site’s creators were incredibly mistrusting of newcomers and strangers.” I could understand some kind of apprehension if they were approached in the manner that the author of the dragonflyclouds blog responded to my blog entry. Yet, as the author of the blog stated there was no accusation, no attacks, nothing except a name and hope of recognition on my behalf. If CF were without reproach concerning this issue they would have amicably replied to me.

Just recently “our” circle in Alberta was looking into the topic of conflicts:

• How are they started?
• Why are they started?
• How can they be resolved?

I explained that a conflict always starts with us even though it always takes two to argue. I’m big on taking responsibility and encouraging others to do the same. We can only find resolution through owning what is ours. Nobody has control over the will of another individual. Personally, if I have any expectations they are usually directed towards my story and my growth process. Expectations towards the personal development of others sounds arrogant to me.

• Lots of conflicts are started because of shame, regret, jealousy and guilt. These are the four nightmares we struggle with.
• Believe it or not quite a few conflicts are triggered because of ignorance. We were brought up to believe for example that it’s easier to let go if we cause a conflict or that it’s a sure way of getting attention.
• Some conflicts are meant to deviate our attention from the issue at hand. Fear of consequences are also at the bottom of creating feuds.

There are many other reasons why we step into conflict and one of them, is to reach results of resolution. My blog entry, Walk your Talk, was meant to express my feelings and my reactions towards receiving the information that someone was copying and profiting from my words. In many instances especially today, people back down from standing behind what they believe in because of fears: Fear of being humiliated, fear of being attacked, fear of causing trouble, fear of getting caught up in a never ending war, fear of being disliked or fear of being judged unfairly. Ghandi showed us that we could fight for what is “ours” without disempowering anyone.

I’ll admit that I had to sit with the “Response to RTB” and ask myself if I should even bother with a second blog entry on the topic or any other topic... My hands shook and I did feel doubt for a moment. I felt fear: Fear of loss, fear of pain, fear of hurt. I read and re-read Walk your Talk while seriously asking myself if I had been unfair and malicious towards others and I couldn’t find through my text anything else but sincere factual observation and an open dialogue with those who experienced similar issues in their lives. I was not talking to the people of CF or even about them but rather focusing on misguided actions.

Being in EGO as far as I’m concern should always be a given. In my World – having an EGO is crucial to having a SOUL. I know that the MOONS are the steady development of our EGO and that Goddess guides us every day of our lives with this raw, earthly attached power. I’m definitely not always balanced with my EGO or what I call my MOONS but I certainly don’t hope to ever be without it or without them. We can discuss this topic more thoroughly in a next blog entry. LOL

One thing is very clear to me – I will never sell out the teachings of the Wheel because it would be easier for me and easier for the ego of others. I will never allow myself and the people I love to be walked on and to be abused by others. You can say all you want but in the end, the truth is what it is and I accept its burden. I believe in the people who walk alongside me not students or worshippers but People of a common ground. People who know me – know that I don’t do good with crowds and with center stage but given the chance, I will take the spot light if it means sharing the beauty and abundance of the Sacred Circle Way. All I ask is that each and everyone of us speak from our hearts, our minds, our soul and make sure we ask permission when borrowing from others….


Finally, in my experience there is no such thing as a Dark Shaman. SHAMAN as a word is whole and is not divided by duality. It’s been said before that one can choose to destroy, to construct and to create but that does not make anyone good or bad; dark or light. In Shamanism there’s no such judgment. The quest for balance may demand from us a unique kind of service. Still, I plan to do some research on the topic just in case there’s something else out there that is begging to be unravelled. I’ll keep you posted on what I uncover.


WampumBlueRaven said...

Lisa how can we support you in this?

with love and light,

Faithfully Loving Raven said...

Hi Lisa,

Firstly I wanna say, love the picture you chose for this entry :)

As always your words are a breath of fresh air and SO welcome.
I support you also, and thank you for supporting me.

I try my best to follow the Dreaming.. But I never expect to be ripped to shreds for doing so.
To be put down, to be interrogated, to the point where sadly the dream is lost and it becomes more about arrogance and power than the DREAM.
(over reaction? ) No. I don’t think so. Anyone can read it right there on the CF blog.
I learnt my lesson. Some spaces are not to be entered. My Raven is teaching me this.

I LOVE Dreaming. I’m GREAT at it. I’m getting better and stronger all of the time.
I respect and honour the Dreaming, it is a part of me. I live and breathe it. Its how I walk through my life and thanks to you LISA, I have grown so much with it, I have so much more hope than I did before. And I have the TOOLS to walk my path well, with courage and faith.

As you know, I followed the Dreaming to you, and left a very unhealthy situation behind where I had been learning from one of the Teachers on the CF site. I always thought she was such a great Dreamer. I believed in her at one point, when I was only beginning on this path.

I’m not one to play nasty, I don’t do name calling, I don’t like to belittle anyone, I don’t like power trips.
Therefore, I’m not going to do any of those things here, no matter how much a part of me may want to, because I’ve been hurt quite a bit, abused and humiliated. I’ve learnt some HARD lessons.
I have sadly learnt that some people don’t change.
I always have hope, should I give up on that hope? No. But I will be more careful next time and protect myself, which I am doing now more so than before.

Will I stop Dreaming? Hell no. Will I stop following the Dreaming? Absolutely not!
I’m a GREAT Dreamer. Yes I said it, I don’t say it enough. I can do things many people cant, I can do things now I couldn’t do years ago. So I KNOW I gotta be doing something right.

I like to speak from my Heart, I like to honour everyone’s story, including my own.
My mistake is lack of confidence, giving power to the words of others. I have allowed other people to make me feel small. I have walked away feeling like a piece of shit and cried about it.
I have peeled myself off the floor so many times.
ONE thing has never failed me - the DREAMING.

My advise to anyone who has ever felt small or intimidated by the words of those people they respected and even admired - DON’T forget who you are. Find YOUR Truth. Follow your heart and if you feel guided by the Dreaming, follow it.
And FUCK those who put you down, your teachers are supposed to help build you up NOT tear you down.

I’m SO grateful to my guides, my Dreamer, to my Shaman LISA, to my COMMUNITY.
I finally feel HOME.


Emily / Faithfully Loving Raven

Boot'n said...

I have been with Lisa for a year and a half. Never in that time have I been berated, abused, name-called. I have only ever been shown support and love. I grew up as a Dreamer with no one to ask questions to. In a year and a half i have learned to Dream in was I have never imagined. I have learned about the medicine Wheel. I learned about myself.

I am not a stupid person. If I have one gift it is Impressions.. of people... of Dreams... of Intentions... If Lisa was the mythological "dark Shaman." She is accused of being I would have been gone a long time ago.

I looked at CF. Their disclaimers and ownership rights would have put me off right away, but that's just me. Especially the part where they cannot be held accountable for harm they inflict on their students... I mean... WHAT?

I don't know the history of the people involved here. Its a shame it has even come up. But I feel enraged at this other Group all the same. I don't know about who owns what Teachings. That they are pertinent to my life is what I value. What I do take major offense to is the abuse of my family.

It seams as this all started when Emily began being followed on Twitter by CF. She knew that it was an old Teacher of hers, one that she had put behind her. She had a Dream with her and wanted to share it. When she tried she was criticized and made an example of, just as she had been as a member there.

Cf has attacked my friend and then my Shaman.

They sat we attacked first... but were they not stalking my best friend? They said they picked her to follow at random? An ex student? Really? And as a a great Dreamer she sensed them and Dreamed them, which they used to tear her down...?

I'm a student of Lisa's and in a way... of Emily's. According to Creek Flows that makes me stupid, blind, etc.

I guess that's what happens when you follow a dark Shaman. lol

Kimberly Boot'n LePage Cheffings

Wapeyit Malsom said...

To everyone,

I've never called myself "shaman" and yet quite a few of you call me "your Shaman". There's something in that particular phenomenon that is characteristic of the medicine in the word SHAMAN. There's also something in the ownership that speaks of community and it's importance to the SHAMAN journey. I hope we get the chance to discuss this further and more in depth in the future.

I was not aware of your story Emily. I didn't know you were being followed by these people. I'm sorry to hear about all of this....

I thought it was just a case of plagiarism.
I need to sit with this for a little while.


Wapeyit Malsom said...


Thank you for offering support.

When you add support to a roof or the foundation of a home you usually increase the support that already exists there.... You increase the size of a beam for example or increase the size of a wall.

In other words if you want to support me concerning this issue -- it would be great if you could identify where "our" strength is and increase it. Find a common ground with us and then, share your story and how it relates.


Anonymous said...

I've been following this process between our Teacher and the other site. I could hear what our teacher spoke of and what she defined as her territory... When I finally decided to read the comments on the blog from DC/CF, I was shocked. It was not only slanderous but the errogance of the author to presume that she knows anothers story. They way that the author spoke as though she intimately knew L. and seemed to come from a place of telling the readers the story of L. Who has this right? The whole blog seemed to me like a dramatic reaction. It was easy to see that 'they' were on attack and looking to slander and disempower. I recall our teacher once explaining that we should never disempower someone in our search for our own power.
In the three short years that I have known our teachers I have had in person as well as online experiences filled with magic, phenomenon, profound lessons and teachings. She does not need to claim to be anything as it is quite clear whom she is. Thank you Lisa for all that you have done to help me along my journey.
Much Love

louise said...

I have known Lisa for more than 15 years. She as helped me and my family from the beginning. She saved my son's life.
As far as I'm concerned she is part of my family and will always be.
No mather what I will always trust and believe in her.

Faithfully Loving Raven said...

There is always going to be one Truth v's another Truth.
Its easy to get lost in the battle. At the end of the day we all walk our own path.. we may walk side by side for a while.
Its important not to lose respect or value for each other, no matter what your belief is. Each experience shared is an opportunity for learning and growth. Ya, some experiences are painful, yet so valuable.

Above all else I believe in the Dreaming, I may not always understand there and then what each experience means, what each dream means, there are so many elements to consider.. and there is timing..sometimes we have to wait and see...nothing is forever lost, you can go back in time with more understanding, more knowledge.. at least that is my experience.

Its all Dreaming.. and its all pretty amazing.

Emily / FlR

Wapeyit Malsom said...

YES - I agree Emily.


Ally said...

For Better or For Worst -- what an amazing title for this blog entry, Lisa!

I have such mixed feelings about this whole thing because I see some amazing potential in this wheel. The word I found that I kept "hearing" from the first time this CF site was mentioned was the word "audacious."

I wasn't clear on what that word meant exactly, so I looked it up: "daring: bold, daring, or fearless, especially in challenging assumptions or conventions". I was puzzled for a bit as to why THIS word came to me. But the more I looked at it, the more I realized that there is challenge here, there is certainly daring here. And what I see is truly epoch - how time and time again in the old tales a challenge came from quarters which did not put in the work, or the energy, or have the experience or the clarity; from quarters that seemingly wanted to piggy back on the work and merit of others; from quarters that wanted the glory without the sacrifices that must take place. Maybe it's the "romantic" in me, but I see the Hero's story in this wheel.

And like the Hero stories of old, I see the potential for some amazing lessons and healings within this.


Wapeyit Malsom said...


I agree with you - "there's always potential of healing and learning in all that we live and do."

I think the word "audacious" -- fits.


Boot'n said...

This brought up so much Emotion for me. I read my earlier comment and I see how angry I am. How I want to make the story about right and wrong, black and white. The word that kept coming up for me and my feelings was "righteous indignation."

I thought the anger I was feeling came from a place of Protection. Protection of friends and community. Protection of teachings... After all, it was not MY words that were stolen. I personally was never attacked.

It makes me see that I have more work to do on my Warrior Role before I can be functional in it. I have yet to be able to separate emotions, reactions and Roles.

I need to be a better example of someone living Shamanicly instead of pointing out where others are going wrong.

Although I don't think I'll ever be able to change the fact that I will fight tooth and nails for those I love.


Emily said...


You are a perfect example of someone living Shamanically. You are willing to learn and look closely at all parts of yourself. You paid attention to the Dove and learnt a valuable lesson.
You see what you need to work on, you see where your strengths lie.
No one is perfect, the important thing is that we are open to change, open to working on it.
I responded emotionally too! And I told myself I wasnt going to but there was emotion involved at first.

Ive been thinking about something Lisa said earlier about identifying where our strength lies.. and also about my own personal wheel and my totems, how each one compliments the other on opposite sides of the wheel.
To look at this on a personal level within a personal wheel and then on a collective level with eachother is kind of interesting.
Its all about balance.


Michelle said...

what I have come to recognize with Lisa and this community is it is about working on your self not being afraid to seek out that guidance and humble yourself to hearing what others around you are saying...seeing things from a different perspectives. There is always a choice in the end its how we choose to grow or not from the expereience. The teachings have only brought me closer to undertanding myself and opening me to a community of people who I know are there for the same reasons. I like the thought of the strong foundation! We stand in our strengths and weakness and do not pretend to be somthing we are not.
Love the post.
Love you Lisa.

Wapeyit Malsom said...

WOW 14 postings......
I never thought this entry would get so much attention. I love your feedback.
Keep it coming.

Take care everyone.

Wheelkeeper said...

I can't believe I never saw this post until just now. And I check this blog regularly. All I can think of is that I have been living something similar, being attacked and persecuted, having others try to make me look bad so they don't have to look at themselves.

It seems to be a human default...

It also seems to be a collective and ancestral theme and an ongoing challenge for those on a Shamanic path - for the Shaman or Leaders who are persecuted to stand strong in themselves.. and a challenge for those seeking truth to know it when they see and hear it.

How can those who seek truth find it when there are so many out there who are "charlatans", for lack of a better word.

It is enough to discourage even the most determined of seekers.

Yet as Emily and others said, we have found the real thing and the Dreaming will bring us where we need to be.

In the end, we can only get stronger and more united.


Wheelkeeper said...

I remember you saying Lisa that themes like this are also cosmological, under the influence of the Winds and Moons... I wonder why these themes seem to repeat over and over again... and it seems that some learn from it and others don't... each time we go around. And some of us learn a little and some learn a lot.