Friday, September 17, 2010

Magnetic Force of the Medicine Wheel.

The Medicine Wheel produces a magnetic force which is very noticeable to plants, animals, birds and insects etc... Unfortunately, most humans won’t pick up on the sound and energy that it yields. Almost a decade ago GP and I went to Quebec city to teach the Medicine Wheel. We were invited by a group of nurses who cared for patients in palliative care. I knew right away when I met this ladies that if I didn’t show the phenomenal impact the Wheel has on us and our environment, they would never use it with their patients.

I remember we were gathered in the living room, at one of the participant’s home. We were about 25 people around the Wheel that day. As I was building the Medicine Wheel the house cat kept mewling around the stones and it seemed to bother the hostess. She was a polite lady who didn’t want to disturb anyone. I made sure to set the anchors around the animal as if I was building an invisible cage. I asked the hostess to try to take the cat out of the circle. She looked at me strangely. She turned to everyone and stated as if she was apologizing that her cat was a people cat and boringly even tempered. Yet, when she reached for the cat it hissed and swatted at her hand with open claws. She cried out in astonishment. Eyeing the animal as if it was behaving badly. I explained to everyone that the cat actually felt the magnetic force of the circle and understood as territory.

“You can try to take the cat out of the circle,” I prompted “but I have a feeling she’ll resist you and win.”

The cat actually walked clockwise on an invisible line which bordered the four anchors and literally aggressively protected the space from invasions. It was truly amazing to watch how this well mannered cat suddenly became a vicious, territorial predator. Most of the women who gathered that day knew this cat very well and were completely caught aback by the sudden change in character. They were even more impressed by the fact that this transformation was provoked by the making of a sacred circle. One lady in particular asked “what could possibly be hidden in the Wheel to produce such an incredible reaction?” She seemed to imply at the time that the Wheel was a negative influence. She showed fear.

Slowly I removed the anchors from east to north and the cat nonchalantly walked away. It returned to sleeping on the window sill completely undisturbed by the guests. Suddenly everyone was patting the animal as if to prove to G and I that indeed, it was usually a good natured pet. It was interesting to watch how animals react to natural reality where as humans behave according to social indoctrination.

I explained to everyone that although humans perceive aggression and territorial behaviours as improper; in the animal kingdom both these traits show strength and personal power. It’s the difference between being a leader or a follower; a predator or prey. I also expressed that an animal wouldn’t act territorial unless it was protecting something or someone it loved or valued. “Hence,” I stated “it is very unlikely that there’s anything negative at the center of a Wheel.”

After I described in detail the natural reality people obviously nodded in agreement. They let go of their judgments and fears. What I found enlightening was how the cat didn’t need explanations, she simply reacted naturally and instinctually to the situation. One moment she was protecting the circle and the next she was relaxing at home unbothered by these people. Perhaps, it’s our human, intellectual perceptions which create a wall between us and natural reality? One thing is for sure what animals pick up off the Wheel is often off the human radar. We somehow lack whiskers or antennas.

In another circle while I was building the Wheel the hostess’ pet came sniffing around our stones. The woman said that her dog was old and wouldn’t be much of a nuisance.

“She’ll look around” she said “and then lie down and sleep for the evening.”

After giving a curious look the dog did exactly what her mistress warned us she would do. She went to her bed, lied down and watched us. Only once the Wheel was completely built did the dog suddenly jump up and sprint to the Wheel. Everyone who gathered that day was surprised by the sudden dash. It was as if the dog reacted to a call or whistle. I knew right away what this kind of behaviour meant I had seen it before. When the dog reached the center of the Wheel, she lied down and there was no way anyone of us could coax her out. 24 hours later the dog passed away peacefully in her sleep.

The Medicine Wheel in Golden attracted wild life. Deers were photographed while grazing around the sacred circle. In Northern Quebec a tour guide cultivated a Medicine Wheel all Winter because a pack of wolves kept coming around. He reported that the wolves whined constantly while moving through the circle as if they communicated to something beyond them. The sacred sites in N.B. also seemed to appeal to wolves and coyotes. While we were out there, the wolves circled us the whole time we prayed and sang around the sacred circles. It was quite humbling.

There’s no doubt that snakes and mice also react to the magnetic force of the Wheel. Farmers built Wheels in their fields to get rid of mice and other pests. Where some people focus on the Wheel as a philosophy or therapeutic tool, others study the phenomenal aspect of it. No matter how you approach the topic of the Medicine Wheel --- I’m interested!! Fortunately I’ve come across lots of different people during the course of my journey who have shared with me their passion of the Wheel as well as their point of focus and study. Fantastic!

For sure the way we build our Wheel is instrumental to the end result but there’s more than just skill involved. Wheels respond to our environment, to cosmology (planetary alignments and the moon), to the stories of the people who gather around them, and more… Where intentions are noble and do help in building Wheels they are certainly not crucial. It is often best to do like dogs and cats; and approach the Wheel with open senses.
Listen, watch and be ready!


Emily said...

Hi Lisa,

I enjoyed reading this post.
Im looking forward to experiencing the magnetic force of the Medicine Wheel at the Gathering.
I collected my Stones today.
It will be cool to see the influence of the Stones from each of our own areas.


Lulu said...

I recall in Kingston once the Wheel had been built that Sunni would not move across the wheel at all. only walking to the side. As the Wheel was taken down at the end of our stay Sunni began to play again over the rug area where the Wheel had been placed. It was amazing to witness it for myself. Amazing how Sunni must have felt, perhaps saw, the Wheel as something more than a circle of stones.

Wapeyit Malsom said...


We always teach our students to walk around the Wheel rather than through it; and to be mindful of it during our workshops. It takes a few reminders before everyone gets it. Ironically, dogs and cats get it right away without us having to say anything... LOL

I agree with you it is quite beautiful and humbling to see the animals interact with the wheel in a sacred manner that doesn't seem as natural for us humans.

Thank you for your comments ladies....
It's your comments and your feedback that keeps me writing.


AB said...

Love this writing. Even though I have been to many Medicine Wheel circles I can never learn all there is to know. In gratitude.