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Recently, MICH asked about Guides.
Are they from other planets?
Are they past souls, ancestors?
And why do they pick us to work with?

In my early 20’s I spent some time with a group of psychics and mediums, which spent a few evenings a month ghost busting. Some of the members were also scientists who were studying in parapsychology. I attracted their attention because of my dreamtime charts. They were impressed and curious about my dreaming skills. For a couple of years we shared our unique skills with one another, and also had the opportunity to work together on a number of projects. It gave me the chance to learn about parallel realities; past lives; clairvoyance; mediums and so much more…

One of the ladies was a medium. She spoke to a collective of Spirits who she called her Guides. She was also a teacher at a local alternative school. Her guides often gave advice; which I found helpful and usually synchronic with what I was living. I found this woman fascinating. She would fall into trances and allow us to interview her guidance. People who came to her usually asked questions concerning crisis situations or unresolved issues. I liked to question these Spirits about their lives. How many times to you get to talk to individuals who lived on Earth centuries before you were born? What was amazing was how you could confirm the information with a bit of research. I would imagine it would be even easier today with the help of internet.

Once I started learning how to become a disciplined Dreamer I was able to decipher the difference between ghosts and guides. For starters they both gave way to different impressions. Ghosts felt heavier to me as if they carried some luggage so to speak. They also continuously shared their story in hope that you could lighten up their load. Guides on the other hand were helpful and almost affectionate or loving. They seemed more dedicated to others. Still with time I noticed that it wasn’t as black and white. I wondered about ancestors and totems. In some of my dreams for example, I spoke to characters; which were actually related to people that I knew in my daily living. I didn’t know how to explain these experiences or to describes these particular relationships…

Carl Jung called these characters archetypes. Much of what Jung wrote through out his career was actually inspired by such entities. Philemon was his personal guide. At first Jung thought that Philemon was part of his own psyche but when Philemon began to express things that Jung hadn’t consciously thought or bring forth superior insights Jung suddenly had to accept that this presence was more than a piece of himself.

“He was a mysterious figure to me,” said Carl Jung “he seemed real. And to me he was what the Indians call guru.”

Guides are teachers, protectors or individuals who have a certain expertise that can help others reach a point of self-realization. From personal experience I noticed that even the names of my guides helped in my healing or growth process. Rather than being about them and their sense of identity, it was always about me: My goals, my obstacles and my path.

There are all kinds of guides. I’ve had the pleasure of journeying with ancestors, people who have walked the planet before me; totems or animal guides; star people; as well as characters which remain within memories that are sometimes attached to objects. If you understand the concept of the Medicine Wheel you are also probably opened to the idea of an inner community and/or fragments of the self; which are looking to re-connect into wholeness. Some of these fragments can be guides to others. I’ve met people who have passed away and stayed within the realm of in-between to be guides to loved ones. And then, there are some of us who are flesh and bone, and live a life that is all about guidance. Guides basically come in all kinds of packages…

In 1916, Carl Jung channeled over three evenings, a person from Syria who was a teacher in Alexandria in 133-155 AD. This phenomenon allowed him to learn that some human beings retain their individuality after death rather than being absorbed into the oneness. It’s during the course of this experience that he came up with the notion of collective unconscious. He stated: “The collective unconscious is common to all. It is the foundation of what the ancients called the sympathy of all things. It is through the medium of the collective unconscious that information about a particular time and place can be transferred to another individual mind.”

Carl Jung was no different than any of us who begin to journey with guides. He too wondered about his sanity. Yet rather than believing that he was insane, Jung trusted that he was no different than the ancient priests or others who experienced the divine.

Personally I believe that Guides are part of the journey we take towards self-realization. I remember sitting on the floor of the McGill library where I randomly chose books; which I indiscriminately read out passages. For hours I would have conversations with guides through disconnected sentences from countless novels. I would take notes of the messages I’d receive and then marvel over the fact that it made sense. I got more helpful advice from Spirit than living people in my life. The more I explored Guides and allowed myself to connect with them through all kinds of mediums the more present they became in my life. Soon they were a regular reality, no more out of the ordinary than consulting a lawyer, a doctor or a teacher.

Learning about circular consciousness helps us in understanding the concept of guidance. We don’t get chosen by our guides we magnetize them to our space. Basically this idea follows the natural law of gravity. Our issues, our abilities, the lessons we need to grow, or the experiences we require to heal – are some of the common elements that attract our guides to our space. I’ve come across people who find themselves collectively journeying with the same Guides and looking at the same themes, same lessons, or same healing. As much as we would like to possess our Guides or claim them for our own – they are entities that are on loan so to speak from the collective realm.

Almost six years ago I was sick and admitted to the Hospital. G had picked up a magazine for me and one of the articles was on Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill. I didn’t know much on the man at the time and was looking forward to reading some of his story. Synchronically, I shared my hospital room with a man who was actually reading Sitting Bull’s autobiography. What were the odds? We talked for hours about the man, and eventually it was this common fascination which helped us connect and become good friends. My roommate was the owner of a few funeral parlors. Well all through my hospital stay, I kept dreaming about Sitting Bull lying in a coffin, in a funeral parlor. One night I woke up sweating and crying, stunned by the fact that I had been shot and died at the bottom of shallow river bed. I learnt the next day that it was exactly how Sitting Bull had passed away. When I was finally released from the Hospital, I felt Sitting Bull’s presence and couldn’t understand why. Once I got home and did a bit of research, I came across the date of Sitting Bull’s passing which was ironically the exact same day as my hospital release.

It took a little over a year before I finally understood the lesson behind this hospital experience and how it connected to Sitting Bull. My hospital roommate had a whole other perspective but nevertheless he too journeyed with Sitting Bull and me. Being a skeptic, I needed the presence of my roommate to trust the phenomenon and truly believe in our Guide.

I hope I’ve answered your question MICH.


Michelle said...

-Guides are teachers, protectors or individuals who have a certain expertise that can help others reach a point of self-realization-

Your stories always paint a picture for me to go back and look at and explore. Thank you for this I look forward to meeting my guides throughout my life and learning from them.
Thank you Okwaho its much appreciated.
Love Michelle

ChristyDeer said...

This gave me a lot of knowledge that I can work with right now in my own experience, thank you!