Friday, March 11, 2011

Feedback to a Recent Blog Entry.

I got this message from Michelle today and asked if I could paste it on my blog page.
I think that many of you will appreciate her story. It's a great example of circular thinking.
There are so many different ways to apply the CIRCLE in our lives. I love the way Michelle found the circle in her life story.


Hi Lisa;

I am not sure if I am getting the circular thinking right but I wanted to send you this…let me know if I am getting there.

This post brought me to my beginning. Most of my mother's family told her to have an abortion and not ruin her life. She told me she felt me kick and that was the end of it she was having me.

I see how this influenced my current need to please everyone do more with less.

I am working on sitting in my breathe being silent is hard because I am so used to going and doing thinking really it is tough for me to shut my mental brain off. When I do get to those moments of silence I am relaxed and feel great I just wonder if what I am doing is in alignment with things…Should I be doing something else there is this fear in me that I am not getting it good enough you know? I know its dumb to think like that but there is a part of me that strives to understand and make sure I do my work so that Im actually moving forward and not just witnessing things mimicking?

I put this expectation on me that being busy is what is needed so that I was not a failure to everyone.

I am seeing a bigger picture and it brings me joy! Circular thinking gives you a lot to focus on. I am ready to step in...

I had to email you today while I was at work because I kept seeing this picture that I have in my office of a ripple in the water..and since reading the blog last night its been on my mind.



Like I told Michelle -- one of the ways to work through her story and bring it healing is to "readjust some attitudes."
For starters, she doesn't need to deserve her spot on this Planet. She has nothing to prove to others.
She doesn't have to please anyone or meet people's expectations. All Michelle needs to do is live HER life to the fullest.

Michelle -- YOU are one of Creator's children. There's no need to justify why you exist!

I reminded Michelle that it was "her kicking abilities" that convinced her mom she had to be born.
She should go back to kicking to bring some renewed perspective in her life.
It's definitely the right time to do it -- just in the Moon of Affirmation.

Good luck to you Michelle.
Thank you for sharing your story with us.



WampumBlueRaven said...

Thanks for sharing Michelle.

Michelle said...

Thank You Lisa and hears to Kicking like you said :)