Sunday, March 27, 2011


I’ve been working on this particular blog entry for a little over two weeks. I’ve been exploring the topic of “hypnagogia” for a very long time; but recently DEB informed me that it was the “in thing these days” and that people were using this “dream technique” to practice shape shifting. For starters hypnagogia isn’t so much as a dream technique as it is a step in the process of dreaming. As for being helpful in shape shifting – I find the idea fascinating; but I remain somewhat skeptical towards the hopeful, expected end results.

Have you ever heard of hypnagogia?

It refers to the moment just before you fall asleep. If you pay attention you’ll notice that just as you are about to fall asleep the mind randomly feeds us with a series of images, colors and sounds. I’ve even notice different flavors as well. Basically it refers to when the mind is shutting down; getting ready for sleep; and literally empties itself of all kinds of impressions. I’ve practiced hypnagogia for over 30 years, mostly because I like the experience, and because I’ve always been incredibly curious and fascinated with the fact that my mind and my body can produce an lucid illusion of reality with the memory of it.

How do you practice hypnagogia? It is simple, all you have to do is relax, and allow the mind and body to do their thing… I basically sit at the rear of my consciousness and watch. I can do this for almost 20 minutes, just be a witness to the brain’s cleansing process.

I often watch the hypnagogic slideshow of faces and events with fascination. I’ve always wondered where does the mind find these images because for me many of them are unknown? Were the faces from people I absentmindedly crossed at the supermarket, or corner street during the day? How much is stored away; why is my brain remembering it; and is it useful in the end? I have so many more questions on the topic… Yet, one thing is for sure many of my dreams are often created with the help of this collection of sounds, colors, sights, flavors etc… There’s a genius behind the details, a producer / director who brings the pieces together and creates a story that always conveys the exact message I need to hear.

Scientists explain the phenomenon of hypnagogia through the discovery of small crystal, which exist in the cells of the brain. These crystals create a magnetic moment where we can suddenly sense energy fields. It would explain our intuition and many other paranormal experiences. Scientists suggest that our pituitary and pineal glands use knowledge from the Earth’s magnetic force to regulate the hormones released in our brain. Where elders and Medicine People have been saying for millenniums that “we are impacted by nature and the stars” – the scientists are just now confirming it. What is unfortunate is just as we are discovering how much of an impact the Earth has on us our Planet is sending the message that it’s in trouble. If the earth begins to struggle there’s no doubt that we will too.

I’ve been researching this topic for a very long time because I’ve always had strong “paranormal skills.” In childhood it was awful. I often called it a “curse.” I felt incredibly different in comparison to others and to be honest, there wasn’t any support or resources in order to deal with some of the experiences I went through. Modern society is extremely judgmental and cynical when it comes to psi-abilities. Ironically it was scientific findings, which helped me deal with what I was living. For example, I discovered that children do show higher paranormal skills in comparison to adults because they have a higher concentration of beta-carbolines in the pineal gland. Obviously I must have been producing more than average person… I’ve noticed that with age the skills have subsided or evened out (so to speak), which makes sense because beta-carbolines decrease with age. For me this is where magic and science connected and made sense.

Another good example is in relation to melatonin and pinonline (hormones), which are produced at night and are said to trigger dreaming. As someone who can remember dreams dating back to infancy this kind of knowledge has been incredibly valuable. It helps to understand that our human physical body similarly to plants produces its own hallucinogen. We have what it needs to be telepathic, clairvoyant, and lucid dreamers, it’s a simple matter of accessing it. Some people will approach Shamans, Medicine People and plants to trigger their body’s potential.

MA shared her story with me recently and I thought it fit right into this topic. Here’s what she writes.

“I was taken to the hospital on Tuesday afternoon and on Thursday I had surgery to remove my gallbladder. As I lay drifting in and out I found myself standing in the desert and I watched as shapes in the sand made their way towards me. First came a wolf, followed by a slightly chubby eagle and then, a large shark, which kept shifting from looking like a “proper” shark into a cute cartoon. The wolf was patient as the eagle and the shark made me laugh and laugh… They flowed on and I saw my husband’s face clearly pouring love towards my surgical wounds. All four of them flowed in front of my consciousness like a river in the sand...”

I was pretty amazed when I received her message because it was a perfect example of hypnagogia, synchronic obviously to the blog entry I had been writing for a while. I was impressed with the fact that the totems she mentions are mine, G’s and J’s. I can vouch for a fact that both G and J are great healers combined with my dreaming skills – it can bring great healing to the dreaming. The rest of her message shows countless words of appreciation showing that she had already identified each of us and the role we played in her inner world. Again, isn’t it incredible the way the body recognizes, associates and remembers? What I found most impressive was how she unconsciously (so to speak) identified at the end of her hypnagogic session the actual presence of the crystals in her brain. She writes “all four of them flowed in front of my consciousness like a river of sand.” In fact, the pituitary gland produces secretions which scientists have named “brain sand,” and it is these secretions which act as crystals in order for us to receive information from our environment.

There’s no doubt that MA journeyed into the supernatural after her surgery. Her vision and dream no doubt gives her all of the necessary information for her to heal, learn and grow through this latest event in her life. I have countless paranormal experiences which are connected to my hypnagogia sessions.

Do you?

P.S. Notice that the picture is of ME sleeping with my dogs (Murfle and Bella). I've come to notice through the years that sleeping with others (humans or animals) has an impact on my dreams. I've had to even find ways to denote my dreaming territory as to not always be dreaming the reality of others. Obviously that's a topic for another blog entry.


Fishrarr said...

Very interesting Lisa, I knew about this, but did not know what it was called. Most of my normal life I would say that it does not happen for me, but I do like the space between space as I like to call it, just before going to sleep. I find that for me, if I ask a question at this time it is very powerful and usually by morning I know the answer, but not how I got it. Just asking for clearing can be very powerful at this time also. It’s important to only ask for one thing at a time. Keep it simple.
I could go on and on with this topic, but will just say that in the shamanic worlds anytime, anywhere, when there is a meeting of two or more things, river’s, valley’s, time and space, it is a very powerful place for possible and impossible things to happen. Great subject, thanks for sharing it with us. Ho! Tom.

taranova said...

I didn't know there was a technical term for it, but yes, when i deliberately remain aware i see faces streaming past, colours & more a sensation of sound than actual sounds. I regularly wait for the slideshow now.

It helps to know they are a release for sleep rather than messages to be gleaned.... though sometimes the faces definitely relate to someone or something i am pondering... sometimes they crop up in life much later on.

I don't remember many dreams, but those i do usually wake me, are crystal clear & meaningful.

It's interesting to hear about more scientific discoveries backing up the ancient wisdom. Perhaps soon they will be discussed more openly- i hope so.

Thank you for a fascinating article lisa!

Wapeyit Malsom said...


I'd love to hear more about your dreams.
I'm glad you liked my blog entry.




Thank you again for the feedback.


Emily said...

I never knew there was a name for this! I just thought it was another type of dreaming. Yes I experience this also, I've often wondered what it all meant, the stream of images that seem kind of random, sometimes as it happens there is so much to focus on, its literally a flood of images, different faces that I dont recognise, but almost like I SHOULD recognise them as the detail is so clear. Its almost like when you flick the pages of a book full of illustrations, they move fast, sometimes it is difficult to note every single one. I quite enjoy it, I never know what to expect.

Wapeyit Malsom said...


Traditionally -- this experience is considered as another kind of dreaming. Yet scientifically the name is Hypnagogia. Maybe I could write another blog entry on the same topic but from a traditional point of view.

Only if it interests you guys........


Michelle said...

I never new that this type of dreaming had a name. I thought it was just my body doing its tap out to sleep I called it tap out becuase often after all the images stop or if it slows my body would jump or shock somtimes I am having a feeling of tripping on somthing and I jolt myself awake and then I will fall into sleep, I have also had times where I want to move but feel like I can not. I like the movie but at other times I try to do breathing to meditate to sleep. I would like to know more about this topic from a traditional point of view?

Anonymous said...

I would like another blog on this. I have this experience but not to often. For the winter solstace when I did my wishes for others. I recieved one of the wish from this space. I had called it the 'inbetween.' It felt like a steam of information and I had to work hard to pull it all together when I woke up.


Anonymous said...

i see this too, the faces. at first they came rapidly floating by without any real awarness..they would often cause me to jerk from that moment of entering sleep. (and were sometimes disfigured and i would feel fear)..but i later thought that that was perhaps showing me that not everything 'is' as it appears to be) later as i began to watch them..they slowed. i now very much enjoy this time before sleep..this winding down.

over the past few year many of these images have been first they would be coming towards me from a distance and would disappear before they reached me..but left an impression. recently they have been appearing very close..various animals. i can hear no sound just visual and touch, but am not was with wolf i can feel the depth of the coat around her neck(so close)and smells of wet dog and sweaty paws!

i've never heard of the term hypnagogia before. am finding this all very interesting reading about it now, as this is beginning to happen with more clarity involved.

i'm finding lots of synchronicites with your blog posts but have so many thoughts i find it difficult to put any response into words. so will say thankyou now for the time you spend sharing this space with us. it's much a appreciated.

i loved reading this, it's very interesting..thankyou.

Emily said...

Yes I'd also love to read about this from a Traditional point of view. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I've never experienced this I don't think. I never remember falling asleep. Lately I've been trying to be more aware, but still nothing. I just pass out.


Wapeyit Malsom said...

Thank you everyone for your feedback.
I'm glad you enjoyed this blog entry.
I was worried it was going to be boring --- LOL

I will bring the topic back at some point in the future and bring forth some information about traditional views.

Mainly hypnogogia -- is a type of dreaming in traditional circles.

For now -- I'm trying to find some new ideas on what to talk about.


Rose said...

I recently had my first experience of this, but it was not at the point of falling asleep, it was an interlude during the night. The images flashed by too quick for me to even focus on a single one.

When I fall asleep, I drift into nothingness. If something wakes me just as I falling to sleep, I tend to wake up with music in my head, not images. Would that music be a type of hypnogogia as well?

Would love to hear more about this sort of dreaming!