Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Have you ever heard of auras?

I’ll be honest as much as I can see and interact with the dead, I’m hugely sceptical about lots of what is discussed within the New Age movement. It doesn’t mean I don’t believe in many of the concepts but I often draw the line when information is being shared as fact and isn’t connected to anything remotely empirical. Strangely enough I like the “supernatural or paranormal reality” to be something logical, rational and practical. I like it to make sense. I see no reason to explore an ability that I can’t use in my daily living or that doesn’t in some shape or form enhance my understanding of life.

Earlier on in my journey, I was not attracted to the idea of auras mostly because information on the topic focused on definition (colors emanating from the chakra system of the human body) or it centered on interpreting colors. I’ve always found that interpretations are highly subjective and aside from contributing some confirmation and sometimes even fear, it doesn’t really give much…. I’ve found that the only thing that has helped me live with paranormal abilities is knowledge and discipline.

Auras became an important issue in my life when I understood that it wasn’t only about seeing colors around people but also about sensing shifts in personality, moods or even picking up on energy signatures. For example in the late 1980’s I was having trouble with boundaries between our waking, mundane reality and what some call the reality of the dead. I’ve always loved antique furniture and old century homes. Suddenly, in early adulthood I couldn’t even sit on an old chair without manifesting the most bizarre phenomenon or getting stuck in memories that were definitely not my own. So I approached this First Nation Medicine Man I heard about who was also an expert on the topic. Here I thought we were going to share stories about ghosts and the man started asking me questions about auras. I soon came to learn that there was a lot more to auras than the usual discussion about colors and what they mean.

At this point in time I was also in University and synchronically took a class on Healing and Religion where we leant about Kirlian photography. We were shown with the help of a sophisticated machine how a leaf which was thorn in half actually somehow retained the memory of its lost portion and surprisingly, could be photographed as a whole entity. It explained why individuals with amputated limbs for example still feel ghost aches and pains. Suddenly the idea of aura was no longer about colors but touched dimensions of matter and memory which became even more appealing to me.

I came to understand that our aura is like a magnetic field and can be disturbed by emotions, disease, negative thinking, and even outside influences. In the ‘90’s we bought a home and in the back of our yard there was a nice row of mature trees which hide a frost fence. Every time I walked the back parameter of the yard I always picked up at the same spot an impression of pain and insecurity. After a while I explored the area a little deeper and noticed that the bark of one of the trees had swallowed up parts of the fence. The tree seemed to be rejecting the metal as a foreign object and literally oozed mucus as if it was infected. Most of the limbs of the tree were dead and leaves were no longer growing on 75% of the branches. The city had drawn a red X on its trunk and it was doomed to get cut down. It was the perfect opportunity to experiment and see what I could learn and how I could help. Rather than concentrate on removing the fence or focus on the infection I decided to work on the aura.

Since my abilities are connected to death and ghosts it made sense to me to concentrate on the dying aspect of the aura. At first I thought I was imagining all of the feelings and impressions I was sensing but as the aura repaired itself the tree began to heal. I truly felt like the tree accepted the foreign object the same way that a transplant patient as to accept a new organ. My role was to convince the tree that it could be whole despite the fusion to an inanimate (dead) object. This experience not only taught me so much about the concept of “the aura” but it also allowed me to learn more about me, my skills, and death of course.

In the last month here in Montreal, it’s been very hot with no rain. I noticed that it affected my dreams. I also noticed topographical impressions which were suddenly different than usual. I wondered if perhaps the weather was having an affect on the magnetic field of the earth and hence, having an affect on the aura of our planet or the aura of certain regions of the World?

Lots of people want to bring healing to the planet but what does that mean? Should we all get together and send white light to Mother Earth or can each of us contribute in our own unique way a dimension of healing that can trigger the Earth’s own healing potential? I’m not a “white light healer”. I don’t consider myself a healer at all. And yet, as a traditional dreamer and a Keeper of the Dead I’ve come to see how these roles have been incredibly important in my healing journey and in the healing journey of many around me….

P.S. Notice the picture -- how the aura of the sun created four dots or four directions. There's no doubt that the Medicine Wheel has an aura and that the four cardinal points teach us about the AURA of the Wheel. This is food for thought for another blog entry....


Anonymous said...

I've been able to see light around people,, which I always assumed was there aura, but I was too bothered by the idea that colors was what """I was supposed to see""", In the last few months, I have begun practicing seeing the light around people as well. It started reminding me of the story of peter pan, and his shadow needing to be sowed to him. Don't know why I added that, but thought I'd share. I have no understanding yet, as to what I am seeing, I am just practicing seeing again. At one time it came very naturally, but I am now starting from the beginning.

Bootie said...

Like Mandy, I too see light around people, trees, rocks, etc. I find it interesting but have yet to find it useful. Recently, I was invited to attend a Reiki class. I'm pretty skepticle about New Age stuff and thought about it long and hard. I believe the Group call themselves "The Lightworkers." They invited me to join the Group. After deliberating I had to decline. I kept asking myself "Where is the Shadow?" People who only work with Light and Love, who only acknowledge Light and Love, I feel are missing the big picture. I feel like they are getting too far away from the completeness and balance of Nature.

WampumBlueRaven said...

Could this be applied to the Moon as well?
because sometimes when I look up at the Moon, I see different colors around; green, orange, blue, pink, reddish etc.

Rose said...

I see the light round things to. Occasionally it has a slight glimmer of colour but never anything definite. And it is always a small light shadow - never as big as I have read auras are supposed to be. I have in recent months started seeing the same sort of effect more generally - not just around things. Although I look it doesn't seem of much use. I have no way of interpreting it....

I have always liked the whole aura thing. It appeals to the science geek in me!

Lisa F. Tardiff said...

Glad to hear that you're starting from scratch Mandy and that you're letting your experience lead the way. I suggest that you ask the Universe for some advice or some knowledge and then, pay attention to the synchronicities. I have no doubt the Universe will send you the teachers you need and you'll soon uncover that AURAS are incredibly useful to daily living.

Bootie -- I agree with you there's light, shadow and so much more in between when it comes to life, healing, learning and growing. It's important to consider all aspects but I don't think all aspects are for everyone. I'll leave it a bit of mystery for now and attempt to bring it back in a future blog.

Nathalie -- you can see an AURA around the moon. Some people will say that if there's a red ring around the MOON it implies seismic tragedy on our planet. There was a red ring around the moon at the last catastrophic Tsunami. What's interesting with this fact is that "the moon's aura seems to predict occurrences on the Earth." Could our aura at times predict situations about to occur in the life of others?
I've seen it happen....

Rose --- what does the science geek in you like about auras? What are you looking to understand or to explore through auras? I also have an inner scientist that can't stop asking questions and seeking answers....


Lili said...

Hi Lisa,
I've not come across the term White light healer. I can share an experience though that relates to what you wrote about sending healing to the earth.
I recall becoming aware of a project called Fire the Grid....

The link i share here is soooo much more updated to what i recall when living in Dubai, but anyway, this story, THE PLAN, really touched me and i decided i would join everyone and meditate,send happy thoughts or channel reiki at the time they proposed to help fire the grid.
If i recall correctly it was to help heal the earth, which is what you spoke about in your blog.
I set my alarm and at four in the morning i sat and dedicated time and energy to this project. I was overwhelmed with the energy that surged through my body, i filled up with light, it was such a profound experience. It was like a doorway in myself just opened up.

As for colours within a person or an objects aura, i dont really see them. I see light and i get impressions of colours sometimes.

I see light figures and i see splashes of colour sometimes, random moments but who or whats aura it is i have no idea.

My son DJ told me once that i was orange and purple...he was only two.

At the age if 1, my son IR, scooped up something invisible from around my shoulders and continued with his hands going up over my head, placed them on my head and then pulled my hair in a upright direction. Then smiled. I believe he was doing something with my aura, the day had not been a good one for me.He created a turning point for me that day.

I believe they not only have Keeper of the Dead as roles but Healer as well.

Thank You Lisa. I enjoyed reading you blog.

Lili said...

Lisa, and everyone else that may be interested,

I found the original story of Fire the Grid....
It is amazing, worth five minutes of your time to read.


Anonymous said...

I suppose it is completely obvious to state ~ the icons in religious art have Halos? But maybe obvious is a good place to start. So it makes sense that a 'pure and holy' being would be viewed by many with a strong 'easily' seen aura. I have, at times, been aware of auras. A young lady at my church was speaking & I was amazed at how bright, pure & clean her aura was. I have only experienced them as a clear white 'glow'. A pure energy. If I were to focus on this perhaps my skill would develop & lend itself to more colour but I fear to pull myself in too many directions, energy has been a bit tricky for me, these last 2 decades.
As far as healing the planet goes... I have always tried to help our Mother. As long as I can remember I have loved her and stood in awe, looking breathlessly, And given 125%. One can tell one's friends "Please Recycle". However, how does it go? Ah yes, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink." So as far as I can (at this point) determine, She needs us. So I love her. I walk barefoot in a safe place & mingle 'my' energy with 'Hers' (We are of each other though, no?). I also recycle and try to persuade others to do likewise, I live 'green' conserving H2O, & resources. I act politically to try and preserve endangered species (this means the work of contacting my gov't representatives, signing & passing petitions, etc...). However, I am but one small person in a very large world, "it takes a village" if I may presume to steal a phrase. Excellent Blog, Lisa! Thank-You for your many valid and wonderful observations! I am going "Anonymously" here, so I will sign my name ~Namaste~ Miranda Macondios

Lisa F. Tardiff said...

To everyone -- thank you for your feedback.


I absolutely agree: "We should always do our best to help Mother Earth."

There are so many different ways to do our part.
Recycling, composting, not using pesticides, honoring trees and staying on top of earth issues in our area -- are definitely some examples.

Thank you for signing your name at the end of your comment. It allows me to honor you directly for sharing your story with us.