Monday, January 2, 2012

The Vision of a Dreamer.

picture of Wheelkeeper. I highly recommend her blog. MR and I have journeyed together for over 20 years. The Solstice brings us to the next leg of the journey.


As most of you know I literally stay away from computers during weekends, major holidays and while I’m teaching or giving workshops. Maybe I should add that I also stay away from the computer while I’m eating and sleeping because I know quite a few people who can’t live without a direct line to facebook or their contact list (my children and husband included). It’s not that I don’t appreciate technology because I truly do especially after spending some time during the holidays with people who depend on dialysis and chemotherapy to survive. Many of our medical interventions aren’t the most comfortable or the most ideal, but they do provide a life-cord of sorts; which is crucial to so many people. It’s by continuing to encourage human technology that we can hope for better medical solutions and perhaps even answers to our Earth crisis. Sincerely what I miss the most when I’m away from the computer is my access to my cyberspace community.

Recently I met up with a new friend who asked me the question: “What do you feel is the vision behind your work?”

To be honest I’ve always followed the way of the dreaming. I’ve often been approached by journalists and individuals who offered their services for book publications, promotional help and managerial roles. Every time it came to “identifying a vision” I always ran the other way.

“I’m a Dreamer and not a Visionary,” was often my reply.

A good marketing specialist wouldn’t be a great marketing specialist if he or she didn’t call me on my “cop out” comments; nevertheless I’ve come to understand through the last 15 years that my stubbornness outweighs 10 folds any mentalist ability… It may have served me well when it comes to developing my skills as a Dreamer and reaching the Shaman’s path; but it left me with a sizeable chunk of learning still to do.

Where EJ (marketing strategist) obviously promised himself not to deviate from his goals while he visited during the holidays, I spent the better half of Christmas Eve observing him and acknowledging to myself that it was time for me to deviate from my goals. It may sound strange to say; but along the way I promised myself that I would not get side tracked by Western thinking. Community building, indigenous dreaming and the way of the Wheel would take precedence over anything that would get me popular or more accessible. I even pride myself along the way for having been able to stay hidden. 25 years later and after watching my new friend go through a roller coaster ride to by pass my stubbornness, I realize I may not have looked at the 36 different perspectives on this particular Wheel.

It’s not that others didn’t try to make me see it. LB (successful acupuncturist friend) may get a kick out of this one; but I remember 25 years ago when MAA (crazy lady) offered her services as a manager. After I said “no” she got extremely angry and tried to get me to swallow the idea that “I was incapable of receiving abundance.” I’ve always said: “Perhaps if she would have conveyed the message without her child-like tantrum because she wasn’t getting what she wanted; and jumped immediately into persecution mode -- I would have been more open to considering it.” When in truth, today I realize it was a lot about my own immaturity. In retrospect, believe it or not it was because of this conflict that I devoted the earlier days of my journey to communication and clarity. We learn with the Medicine Wheel teachings that if we don’t explore and devote to the first three elements of the Wheel (clarity, knowledge and illumination) it’s difficult to move beyond the East anchor. I just wasn’t ready for envisioning…

When it comes to the traditional, old Religion (First Nation) or Shamanism --medicine roles usually come later in life (and so the stories tell us). It may sound strange coming from a person who started her journey much sooner than most; but I truly understand how experience is an important ingredient in the making of wisdom.

“On the other hand, it’s when you are ready for the task of teaching and guiding that you lack the energy to do so… “ told me EC right from the get go. It didn’t make much sense to me then; but I’m getting the picture now. LOL

“What’s your vision?” has been ringing in my ears for the last week.

I know what I achieved. G and I spent a lot of time building a community and teaching others about community building. It seemed an inevitable step in the process. I don’t believe you can be committed to Shamanism without being committed to community. It’s like saying that Creator can exist without Creation and the creatures within Creation.

Did Creator have a vision?
Do you think his or her vision turned out exactly like Creator wanted?
Is it about “what we want?” Or is it about following something bigger and more meaningful than us? Perhaps even beyond Creator there’s more….

In retrospect I don’t doubt my journey, my actions or the end results; but I do see an opportunity to reach out and learn more, heal more through change.

Why not do it?
I guess the next year will be about asking myself: “Does it makes sense for a Dreamer to have a vision?”

We’ll see.
All I can tell you is that I'm actually considering to finally write a book for you this year.
I have enough people committing to the project to make it happen.
We will keep you posted.

P.S. I highly recommend the blog – to those who are interested in getting more info on the Medicine Wheel and Shamanism.


Anonymous said...

Lisa. I don't mean to be contrary, but, is that what you want to do? Any of that - authorship, managment, visioning? Being of service begins, as you clearly know, with being the co-creator not the vessel.

I enjoy your blog immensly.

Lisa F. Tardiff said...

Anonymous (wish I had a name),

As I mentioned in the blog --- I'm still exploring, questioning, and looking to see where I need to go next.

I don't think you could be more contrary than I am right now. LOL Sometimes that's how life goes..... Showing you paradox, duality and the unknown.

Thank you for reading.

Anonymous said...

Lisa. I sent you an email. Thank you..

Wheelkeeper said...

I like your post Lisa, it is different... I can see that like everyone else, you are also going through big changes this year. It is good to talk about the challenges that face us, our concerns, our fears, our attitudes towards them. I believe it was not time until now to write our books. Like you said, we need a community to make it happen. I am excited and am working hard on the book on the Medicine wheel. I will talk about it in my blog.

Thanks for referring it.

Love, MaryRose

jaylen watkins said...

This is a fantastic vision of dreamer. Good approach!

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