Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blessed Dreamers!

Picture of Jack Palance -- in case some of you wonder who he is.

Kristen started her question-message with the greeting: “Blessings Dreamers!” After reading her questions I was suddenly inspired to title this blog: “Blessed Dreamers!”


Blessings Dreamers!

Excited to have been introduced to this community...
My first post and question.

Any insight would be appreciated!
A few nights ago I had a dream~ was in a train, and someone I know was in cabin across the hall. There was a great storm outside my window that I felt compelled to show him, so I ran across and knocked.

The man I know flung the door open startled, had a sleeping mask on his forehead and said, "don't ever do that again!”

His reaction rattled me and I thought to myself "What? knock? I only knocked. Did I interrupt something?"

He did end up coming across to see the storm outside my window (which wasn't there when he looked) then invited me in to his cabin where his family and girlfriend were. They then welcomed me to hang out with them that night. There are many more details but those seem to be the important ones for this post.

I shared this dream with Eli, who pointed out that he was just protecting his dream space; which made perfect sense given the sleeping mask lol. I think I woke him up!! So this brings up some questions:

• As dreamers, are there any rules of engagement in the dreamtime?
• Do we just navigate whatever arises?
• or is there a code around entering or not entering someone's dreamspace, or even approaching it? (ie. the idea of permission or consent).
• Do the rules change as one becomes more lucid and skilled?

I ask because I feel as though in the past I have landed in the dreaming of others without any awareness of consent, and others have landed in mine. And now the issue of protection and boundaries has arisen. In the dream above, I did knock and didn’t fly through the door. So might this individual be saying: “please don't come up to my dream space door at all?” Maybe he likes his sleep :) 
I have also been on the flip side of this ~ waking up aware that someone unwelcome had attempted to enter my dreamtime, but somehow I held him out. This individual in particular I would say is unwelcome, and despite efforts to set boundaries before going to sleep, we still occasionally land in the same dream space. Not sure if he is getting past my boundaries or if I am entering HIS dreaming. 
Gratitude for any insight!


The topic of boundaries and protection has historically been a topic of interest when it comes to “paranormal abilities” (for lack of a better word). Almost 8 years ago I gave a workshop on hypersensitivity. At the start of most of my circles I give the participants a chance to introduce themselves, and express their goals and expectations. That night, one of the women in our group nervously expressed that she was scared of “being probed.” She mentioned “wanting to set down strong boundaries because she wasn’t at all open to me reading her thoughts or revealing her deep, dark secrets.” She held tightly in one hand the crystal hanging from her neck and told everyone that she was protected. It seemed to be “a spell of sorts” to keep people of “non-ordinary talents” away. She even told us a little bit about her journey and how she had been “taught to protect herself” in this manner because of unfortunate past history.

Many of the other participants became angry, upset and worried. It started a heated debate one; which came close to spreading out of control. It was not the angle I had planned to start the course with; but it was genius. The dreaming took us to explore a simple human skill; which is barely used these days let along developed and mastered; and guided us to understand the reasons why most people are scared of it; overwhelmed by it; and even attracted to it. For eight weeks we learnt about hypersensitivity and despite some of the upsetting accusations this particular participant continuously voiced out, we were able to move through fear and into consciousness.

I showed this participant that some secrets or inner thoughts are revealed through body language and synchronicity. 65% of the time we divulge our own inner world without even consciously or intentionally wanting to. Once we explore body language and human behaviour we understand it doesn’t take “super powers” to get into someone’s head (so to speak). Of course, for some psychics and dreamers – extra information does come from mysterious sources. Such topics as telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance etc… are “talents;” which take a lot of practice, discipline and commitment to master. Believe it or not – a very small percentage of people can say “they are fluent in their skill.”

The Medicine Wheel teaches us that the best way to protect ourselves is through clarity and knowledge. Not to say: “I don’t believe in the power of stones, spells or ritual; but no rock or crystal alone can protect anyone from intrusion, betrayal or misfortune.” Superstition is often about ignorance and about fear. I learnt to work on “my story and myself” and to use learning and healing as protection. Again, these days – consciousness, knowledge and self-realization is enough to be “protected.” If there were more people “mystery-talented” (as I call “us”) and more people who believed in “non-ordinary skills and its power” – I would have to say: “Make sure to connect to people who know more and do more with their skills in order to have the resources necessary to be whole and well in this field.”

Ironically, learning about the body and its own protective mechanisms helps in understanding how the dream time works. My teachers have taught me to “observe nature’s way”. If you want to learn about “non-ordinary skills and how they work” – you need to stand in the witness and the student. Let nature and the stars guide the way.

Curiosity, anger, resentment, fear, love, sympathy and many more sentiments; which are attached to intentions give us potential access to the space of others; but it isn’t as linear as that… In fact the way of the Dream Time is based on circular science (so to speak). Common ground, compatibility is often at the bottom of what reunites us together. Not all Dreamers are capable of traveling in other people’s dream spaces. In fact, it takes a certain education (so to speak) in order to be able to accomplish such a feat. This education is acquired through the dream time and its teachers or with the help of Master Dreamer Teachers in the waking. Along with your life story; the characters in your life; and the challenges – this education brings forth a dreaming process and the growth of a dreamer. At first, it’s like being in an amusement park. You’re given free rides but as you get the hang of it there are definite rules!

I learnt from my teachers that there are 24 realms of dreaming. Each of these realms are equivalent to a Universe. These different worlds have their own beliefs, their own inhabitants and their own “life reality.” As a Dreamer we often dream within the same dominant realm. To be able to move from world to world takes time and effort. Most dreamers will explore one to four of this different realms or dream levels. Rare are those who have traveled 24 levels of dreaming. I’ve been told only a TREE can dream all 24 levels at once.

Every realm of dreaming has its own “protection mechanism”. What is acceptable in one world may not be acceptable in another. So the rules vary from realm to realm. For example in the underground worlds (3 of them) - only one of these realms accepts intrusion. In your dream, one of your characters made it clear that he didn’t like to be intruded upon. This small detail directs me to understand from which realm you were dreaming for. This kind of information wouldn’t be helpful or practical to you or anyone unless you were intending to become a Master Dreamer and intended on using the dreaming more predominantly in your life.

Most people don’t navigate the dream time at will. We are usually called to places or to people who can help us learn or heal something significant in our lives. Our attitudes, our struggles, our personal explorations, our illnesses and so much more dictate where we go and why. If you walk a Shamanic path – dreaming would become an important tool because “our” goal is always to find learning, healing, inter-relations, beauty and abundance, as well as gratitude and new attitudes / perspectives. Again, it takes a lot work to be able to travel the dreaming and get to where “you want to be when you want to be there for whatever reason you’ve chosen to travel for….” It looks like your dreams are bringing you into a space that “has something of value to share with you.”

Negative and positive doesn’t necessarily mean good or bad. The dream time is designed to deliver what is needed and crucial to our learning and healing. This of course doesn’t mean it’s always a positive experience. Sometimes it can be a huge struggle, a tragedy, and even a loss. Other times, it can be a test or initiation. When we look at our dreams we quickly notice that they deliver similar experiences to what we go through in the waking. It’s one of the reasons why “dreaming” in many shamanic or traditional settings isn’t defined only as “sleeping occurrence.” You can dream even with your eyes open. Plus many mysterious or phenomenal incidents are called “dreams” as well.

In some dreaming realms – it is absolutely necessary to ask permission before entering the space of others. In others – NO!

On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that because someone dreams of you that it confirms “you’ve traveled to their dream space.” Kristen makes it clear through the sharing of her dream that “impressions” play an important role in “interpreting” our dreams. Sometimes characters (example – Hollywood stars) who appear in our dreams represent qualities or personality traits of loved ones. It doesn’t mean that because you dream of “Jack Palance” (this example is for Maggie) that he’s really visited your space for a quickie. LOL It could possibly be reminding you that you’ve chosen a boyfriend or husband with qualities you love in the actors on the big screen.

I’ve been exploring, studying and experiencing the dream time for over 30 years. I chose to become a traditional dreamer because I believe I was born to dream and because life brought me to people and places; which helped me grow into a traditional dreaming. I know I can’t cover the topic in one blog entry. Realize that even though I answered Kristen’s questions – my answers are still superficial.

Everyone has a personal experience of the dreaming. Is dreaming a mental activity or cellular experience? Often this is the question that dominates the dreaming field. I believe it can be both and that both play a role in dreaming. Dreaming touches the brain, the bodies (physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual), and reaches beyond what any of us can imagine. There’s no doubt it has offered me a world of mystery, phenomenon and adventure. Everything that I am is DREAMING.

Kristen – I hope I answered your questions and if you need more or deeper answers please leave your questions and more of your story in a comment here on blogspot. The offer is open to everyone.

P.S. For Ted if he's reading my blog entries. Notice I've made an association between Jack Palance and the character in Kristen's dream. A group of dreamers could have an amazing experience as well as shed light (bring forth sacred knowledge) on Kristen's dream just by committing time and "personal exploration". Jack Palance as an actor often took roles; which lead him to explore sensuality, male power, and darkness. How much of this OLD actor speaks of Kristen's character? "Interpretation" can be misleading when speaking of the way traditional people approach the dreaming. Nevertheless in the end --- it's about the messages, lessons, and healing we receive through the dream time. I may have to write a blog entry in the near future on the topic of "understanding our dreams" and "working with them."



Jackie said...

I was captivated and terrified by one of Jack Palance's roles, as a young girl, "Dr. Jeykll & Mr Hyde". Do you think that many of the actors which are the most accomplished are also consummate dreamers?

Rose said...

I am intrigued by the 24 levels of dreaming and would love to know more about them. My dreams seem to have changed recently. I am not having any adventure dreams where I am someone else. In all my dreams at the moment I am me, either as an observer, as me myself, or me some other me (maybe past life?). Is this because I am dreaming in a different level from before?

The other thing I have noticed is quite often I seem to have had dreams which reflect the dreams of others in the community in some way. How does this work because it does not feel like an intrusion.

And one last thing... How much can those around us influence our dreams? Can ghosts dream with us?


Lisa F. Tardiff said...

Rose and Jackie,

WOW! Great questions.
I believe I will have to write another blog to answer your questions...
Give me a week.


Wheelkeeper said...

Wow, lots of information, yet just the tip of the iceberg. Dreaming definitely is a worthy topic to discuss and explore.

I had adventure dream the other night, haven't had one of those for a long time. I put it down to the fact that I am getting back into physical fitness, going to the gym, etc... and that I have awakened my Warrior who needs adventure, danger and excitement.

Looking forward to more on dreams Lisa...


Jackie said...

I hope it's alright to address Rose, here. I know her question was for Lisa, but I feel my Gran visited me in a dream last year. I have dreams of people who have passed, occasionally, but this felt like her actual presence (11-23-12). She looked me straight in the eyes, I saw her face becoming younger. It seemed she was telling me that Samwise also is much younger. He was back to the happy little kitten he used to be.
Of course I would love to hear what Lisa's take is on this subject. It IS her blog after all!
Like Rose, I too am intrigued by the 24 levels of dreaming...
I look forward to the blog in which Lisa will teach about this. 24 levels, WOW! Where to begin...?

Lisa F. Tardiff said...


I don't mind open conversations at all..... You can leave questions and ANSWERS on this site. The best way to get to clarity is to openly share on anything and everything.

Thank you.