Monday, August 6, 2012

Raven and Owl Gateway.

Raven Gateway:

Lately, I feel like I’m a walking character in an urban fantasy novel.  It’s incredibly how many of the Blue Moon gateways are popping up in “real life” (so to speak).  Last month for example, G and I were walking the dogs after supper.  We got near the alley way near the CD elementary school and noticed a whole flock of Ravens perched on the fence.  There was so many I decided to count them.  16!  They were cawing so loudly we were tempted to cover our ears.  For a moment we hesitated to cross the alleyway.  We tried to figure out why they were gathering there; but couldn’t find anything.  At the last moment, G suggested that we move through the Raven gateway.  I actually had to pause before agreeing. 

I wondered for a moment: “What exactly am I getting myself into?”  As soon as we made it to the street the birds flew away. 

Ever since this experience we’ve been living peculiar experiences in this particular alleyway; which we’ve renamed “the Raven Gate.”  It’s not the first time I’ve been visited by these birds and “taught a lesson” (so to speak).  MR has been exploring this gate all summer and she’s been referring to this gate as “an experience with shadow.”  I tend to agree with her because ever since we’ve crossed the alleyway; “unexpected assailants” have repeatedly attacked us. 

The first attack occurred at dusk.  KM and I were walking the dogs while G was in Cleveland giving a workshop.  The sun was coming down and we couldn’t see the end of the alleyway.  We were totally blinded.  Suddenly a cyclist came through so quickly that neither one of us girls saw him coming.  He stopped mid-way through the alley and started screaming profanities.  When we got near him we noticed he was under the influence of drugs.  His eyes were incredibly diluted.  He swore against the dogs and wasn’t quite coherent. 

He kept saying: “the dogs attacked me and one of them bite him.” 

Neither Bella or Murfle had moved from our side. Neither one barked, growled or jumped the man.  We looked at him suspiciously.  Just as we were going to ask some questions he got back on his bike and disappeared. 

We were somewhat disturbed by this incident.  Where had he come from? Why did he believe he was bit and attacked by our dogs? And why did he scream and vent only to disappear?  We’ve never seen this man again.

The next incident was as bizarre.  We were walking through the gateway again when suddenly this small little Bichon or Havanese came out of nowhere and attacked the dogs.  I heard one of our Beagles yelp but I thought it was Murfle.  We checked her out thoroughly and saw no bites.  It was only three days later that we noticed a huge sore on Bella’s flank.  The owner of the dog was completely out of control similarly to the cyclist.  Again it was after supper and it seemed like she may have been drinking.

“My dog is a nasty little bitch” she said, grabbing the leash and pulling her out of the alley.  She didn’t pay any attention to us, or the dogs.

Every incident repeats the same kind of details.  At a recent discussion on the gates I mentioned how the gates were opened on both sides.  It seems there’s some “shadows” stepping out of the gates.  We’re actually living through some paranormal or phenomenal events; which hold incredible, lucid qualities to the Blue Moon gates.

IL talked about a similar attack; which occurred with SO, GL, Freddy and Sunny when they went out for a walk.  They were surprised by a Pit Bull who literally popped out of nowhere and attacked their Red Settler.  This Pit Bull has never been vicious before.  Suddenly, it left a mark.  Between Nogoom (MS’s cat), Sunny (IL’s dog) and our own Beagles – we’ve had three different attacks in the last month; which ended up leaving three sores that were impressively almost identical.
We are now being more cautious with our animals.

There’s no doubt that cosmology has an effect on both humans and animals.  The Full Moon influences the tides.  If the stars can have an impact on weather and Creation as a whole – it can certainly have an influence on us (humans).  We are not trained or educated anymore to be aware of these influences and to even predict them.  The Mages, Witches, Sorcerers, Shamans, Druids and Priest / Priestesses of ancient times understood cosmological factors more so then we do today.  Often times, I wish we still had a better understanding of the inter-relations that exist between the Earth and the Stars especially now, as the 2012 Blue Moon nears.

We speak of the Raven Gateway as the gateway to the World of In-Between.   Several years ago as we travelled through France, we came across a Church where near the altar was the presence of a small sculpted demonic creature.  It was chained and under the control of a Saint. Both G and I were totally impressed with how people from the MiddleAges represented the creatures of the in-between.  Gargoyles and Angels as portrayed by the Christian Church for example are such creatures even though we may assume they are astral. Giants, Elves, Gnomes and so many more characters explored through legends, fables and computer games are also connected to the Raven gate. 

It’s not complicated to explore the gates through our daily living.  It’s a matter of being present to our experiences and our environment.  I meet people every day who seek out the paranormal and believe that it’s actually a once in a “Blue Moon event kind of thing;” when in truth it’s the kind of experience that is interwoven into our natural, mundane life.  I don’t like the assumption that only a few gifted people experience the paranormal or para-natural of life.  The truth of the matter is all humans have the potential of seeing what lies beyond the here and now.  As our senses are influenced by perspective, belief, and programming so is our 6th sense. We live in a World; which decides for us what is real and what is not; and unfortunately most people follow these limited perceptions without a second glance. 

I often find myself in conversation with people who consider themselves as “unbelievers” of the paranormal.  Interestingly enough what I’ve discovered through chatting with these individuals is that they are not “unbelievers of the paranormal”; but sincerely turned off by the New Age movement and it’s alleged followers.  I often hear judgment against people who are “gifted.”

“Why do they need to be flaky, kind of crazy?” is a popular question. 

I’ve found that a huge number of people like the idea of being “normal” (as within the norm) and don’t want to adopt any kind of skill, quality or talent that will make then stick out too much.  Ironically, it falls back to perspective. Perhaps it sounds strange; but the majority of people depend on their 6th sense (so to speak) and judge people and situations according to they energy they pick up.  When you start pointing out the details within individual stories, people are impressed with how much of a 6th sense they actually have and use.  Most are simply unconscious of it.

The Blue Moon gates affect literally everyone on the Planet.  It’s just that nobody knows anything about them.  It helps in a huge way to become conscious of the gates and to explore them with presence in our daily living.  For example last week, JP was explaining how she’s been finding an unusual, great amount of dead animals. 

“One morning” she said, “I found a dead bird in MS’s bedroom.  The cat brought it in and literally ripped it apart all over the place.”  She explained how she found feathers scattered on the bed. 

It is just not the kind of situation that occurs every day.  When JP noticed this kind of incident repeating all through July she had to ask herself the question: “Which gate am I looking at?”

The Owl gate is definitely about death.  It can pop up in your life in so many different forms.  MC for example shared her story about her dad who is recovering from a heart attack and has been recently diagnosed with emphysema.

“He’s tired” she said, “and speaks openly about death these days.  His body is giving up on him and he’s even dreaming about death.” 

MC mentioned her mother-in-law’s battle with cancer and how she’s been mourning the death of family members.  Illness, old age and death has been a theme this summer. 
How does anyone deal with loosing a spouse?

The gates are certainly asking everyone to explore profound life themes such as death, fears, love, sexuality, family, and making choices etc…  There are countless stories to describe the gates.  I hope you are enjoying some of the examples I’ve shared with you?

I do hope you are making the most of the Blue Moon Gates.
Please don’t hesitate to share some of your stories in the comment section of my blog.


Wheelkeeper said...

I love reading your stories about the gates Lisa. I get such a better understanding of them when hearing your perspectives.

As for the Raven gate, I had an experience on my journey where I got lost and literally was driving back and forth to the point that it got ridiculous.When I finally stopped and went into silence, I realized I wasn't listening to my intuition about where I was going. I had been depending on my GPS and it wasn't working in the valley where I was driving through. It just shows how modern technology can actually cause our senses to weaken by lack of use.

I realized that I was in the Raven gate, lost in the in-between. What got me out was going back to my original goal of finding a retreat site that was in the valley. The place I was going to was outside the area.... What kept me trying was a program that said... I told them I was coming and I need to honor my word. But sometimes, we need to know when to let go and accept what the dreaming is telling us. Sticking to my word was contrary to the dreaming.

Its not an easy gate I find, but it shows me what I need to work on. That is the gift that comes from going through it.

Lili said...

I agree. When I read your stories Lisa it gives me a better understanding of things.

Recently, I find it has been difficult to figure out gates as there are so much highlighted....Three times now, when I have been playing the bowls competittions the crow calls out to me...
Also, the amount of feathers that we find around here is ridiculous. I wonder what I am meant to do with them all...
I wonder if the town of Carmarthen is stuck in the inbetween atm. For me, I dont see Raven as my gate but I do see it around me.

Also, the amount of times the children have spoken about the inbetween and what comes out of it is something else.I find it interesting what you share now.

IRW, who is only 5 was telling me a couple of nights ago about a portal that can open up in their room....someone or something can come through it. He was nervously laughing about it so not entirely sure what to make of that yet. He is full of stories to share atm.

As for the OWL gate, I think Death is around me more than ever. I think I read Keepers of the dead can attract those they need and recently I find myself present to this role. It feels that lots of people are reaching out for help of some kind.
Although I say death is around me I dont think it means that I am meant to choose the OWL gate. Still figuring out my gates.

Thank You again Lisa for your blog. It helps me.


Rose said...

I have no idea about my gates! I am very much drawn to Crow and his cousins in general but this gate is not calling to me right now. In fact Crow has gone pretty much quiet in my life right now. Most of the birds who I feed at lunch are making the most of what is available elsewhere and I am not seeing them at the moment. I know they will be back when the seasons turn. Although the other day, one of my Crows found me when I was sat elsewhere and came and sat and watched me. I fed it and it then came pretty close, even though I was not in my car. I am very glad I know they recognise individual people and that they would not go this close to someone else... But none of this makes me fel this is a gate for me....

And the same with Owl, it has been strong in my life this year, but not now... In fact everything has gone really, really quiet. Like the drawing in of a huge breath before you jump in the water. I am just going to wait and see about gates I guess....

With every story you tell, I understand things better, not just the dry facts but how things loop and connect.

Gypsymoon said...

I was just saying to a friend last night that I am experiencing more out of the corner of my eye apparitions. What used to be just imagination seems to be moving more into knowing who is standing there. I figured it was just that I was getting comfortable seeing the dead, now I see that it is easier for them to cross over and see me!

I work with a dementia client who is into her last stretch and I find she is going out of her way to hold on to reality, just to say thank you to me and to ask me to be with her till the end. She cry's alot these days and seems more agitated. I don't doubt she wont cross the Owl gate this blue moon. But does that mean she will die instantly on that day or will it be a slow process over the next few months?

Thanks for your words of wisdom!