Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ghost Whispering

I was looking through my BLOG ARCHIVE this morning and found myself re-reading my very first blog entry in October, 2008. In the comment section, I noticed a question by Pixie; which was written in 2009.  It suddenly dawned on me that some of you read and re-read some of my old entries.  I love the way you are making “my blog” timeless and the way you use some of the writings as teachings adaptable to your daily living. As you all know I appreciate every comment and question you have for me; but unfortunately, some do get lost in the shuffle especially when they are connected to some of my old writings.

So please if you are reading some old entries and come up with questions and stories that you would like to share bring those inquires and insights to the comment section of the latest blog entry and make sure to reference it to the text you were reading.  This way – you’ll be sure to get a reply.  Thank you!

It seems that every year around Fall Equinox and Halloween we get interested on the topic of ghosts.  It makes sense doesn’t it because Fall Equinox falls on the West anchor of the Medicine Wheel where all things come to end or to die. 

The question is: “Do we die with resolution or unresolved?”

The idea behind Ghosts is that some people or animals have passed on without completing a Wheel of Resolution.  I’m someone who believes everyone collects personal ghosts.  Nobody is completely resolved in every experience or every relationship they’ve had in their life. 

I’ve often come across people who fear their loved ones have become ghosts. Quite a few of my clients come to me to be reassured that their parents, siblings or lovers are not stuck in the world-of-in-between.  The idea of reaching the After Life is something most people worry about.  If not for themselves then for their loved ones.  We all want to believe there’s something else or something greater after death.

When my children were young I often came across parents who shared wild stories allegedly fabricated by their children. These people would often repeat these stories with a mix of humor and doubt.  A selected few would honestly question whether or not these tales could be true.  Too many details pointed towards the possibility that their children were actually remembering or seeing something potentially out there…  Since I have been able to see, hear and experience ghosts since birth, it’s never been difficult for me to believe in the paranormal abilities of children.
Both my children were also born with the ability to hear and experience Spirit.  Despite the fact we all share similar skills we all seem to have access to them in different ways. 

Pixie’s question in reference to my original Ghost Whispering blog entry in 2008 was: “How do you open yourself up to hear Spirit? And is this skill partly attached to trusting?”

I’ve come to notice that most children have a sense of Spirit; but because we don’t socially encourage this awareness and don’t help them develop it, the skills soon disappear altogether.  Like with anything we learn, develop and excel in – it takes focus, practice and discipline.  It also takes support, encouragement and education. If there’s always someone around to discredit the children’s 6th sense experience, soon the children will begin to believe it’s not real and not true.  Where in many cases the awareness of Spirit completely disappears; in other cases it remains often leaving the child without any resources and completely horrified of the experience.

·      Belief
·      Trust and surrender
·      Support and resources
·      As well as following a process of development, practice and discipline is crucial in the mastering of such a skill.

After 47 years of hearing and living with Spirit I can now identify how it feels when there’s Spirit around or when Spirit needs to communicate something to me. In my experience it’s a very particular impression, one you can’t miss after being around it for so long.  All it takes is to recognize the vibe; and then, focus on it.  I’ve come to understand that if we develop the ability to sit in silence and to sit in presence these disciplines can go a long way to revealing what is manifesting around us. 

Finally, Ghost Whispering isn't as phenomenal as we imagine it to be.  Honestly, we hear the whispers of Spirit through our daily living and come across the most amazing Spirit messages through the most mundane experiences.  It's all a matter of being attentive and ironically, it's all about having a "mathematical sense of reason."  Pay attention to the details in your life and allow them to logically come together like pieces of a puzzle.  You'll be quite impressed with how many of these daily occurrences are connected to Spirit communication.

P.S.  The picture of the Wolf and Butterfly was sent to me by AG.  I received the photo at a time in my life where I was questioning my "wolf like character" and my "butterfly nature".   

How could I bring together my individual needs and desires and my collective responsibilities?

The image showed up at the right moment and suddenly I had the answers...  
It was no doubt a gift from Spirit.


Michelle said...

I am learning that its those moments when you least expect it that Spirit is communitcateing. I am trying to teach my kids to listen and just be open and aware no matter what the naysayers are doing...I notice my 6 year old daughter has been asking if I see this or that or did I hear that...I tell her to explain what she felt and saw I trust her expereience and try to keep it open for her. Its neat because they are open its helped me to be open and trust. I used to think I needed this huge awarness or sign but I am learning to celebrate the whispers. Thank you for sharing this today I will keep being attentive.

Lili said...

All of my children at some point have communicated with Spirit. I have see them responding to Spirit and communicating too.
Tonight my son and I spoke about ghosts and what they are and why they hang around.
He shared his thoughts on nightmares and how not feel to feel them, or be in them, so his spirit feels okay.
We ended up focusing on spirit and he had less fear. He predicts that his fear of ghosts will be gone in four years.
He told me tonight that he sees things next to him but cannot see them properly and I think that is what he fears....he doesnt know if it is his imagination or not.
Although he has had experiences he does not know whether he can trust them.
I suggested that when he feels scared and nervous it may be his imagination and when he feels things like calm, safe or happy that this is Spirit.
I will continue to work with him and support him in his exploration of spirit as I continue to explore myself.
I feel better after reading your blog and will continue to work towards those beliefs I have about spirit and teaching my children what I believe to be true rather than talking around the topic to please others beliefs.

Great blog Lisa. Thank You for your continued guidance and support.

Aurélie Gatel said...

I read your blog today. What you say about the picture I sent you is for me a synchronicity also because it is the questioning that I have right now.
"How could I bring together my individual needs and desires and my collective Responsibilities?"
Your words brought me back to the trust and surrender.
Thank you to you and the spirit.

Emily said...

After returning from the Blue Moon GG, I began noticing something new that I thought might be connected to hearing Spirit, but also could be perhaps a kind of dreaming.
I remember asking the question before - How can you tell if it is the Dreaming (guides etc) you are hearing or messages from Spirit.
You mentioned a kind of 'vibe'. I guess its a matter of learning to identify the vibe or energy in order to know where it originates from.

When I am very silent, resting still and I begin to go into dreaming, sometimes I hear voices. Sometimes it is just one voice. Sometimes two having a conversation. When my head doesnt cut in (surprised and trying to figure out who it is), i can hear what they are saying. Its almost like for a moment I am open and I can receive what they are saying. If that makes sense? But often I interfere with my head, my head tries to understand before I can even hear everything.
During one experience I heard the message of a 'Name'. Someone was talking about what is in a Name. They were talking about the different components in a Name, and where they each originate from. One part of a Name comes from the Earth. It also seemed to be about origins.

Lately Its been too noisy in my head to be open to anything. I'm too full of ego. Looking at that so I can clear some space again.
I want to be open to Spirit.
I want to die with resolve.