Friday, October 12, 2012

Dreaming: A Glance into my Life.

I was reading the third book in Kristen Painter’s series this afternoon when the thought “a glance into my life” came to mind.  I quickly closed the book and closed my eyes attempting to remain very still.  The slightest quick movement could shift out of the space and I would loose Spirit contact.  It’s the same with dreams.  It takes waking up in a jolt and all is lost. 

I’ve been speaking to Spirit since I was a toddler.  Strangely enough, the child in me understood the ways of the dreaming more so then the adolescent and the adult. When CT and KT were born and all through their childhood I noticed how they emanated with “medicine.” They dreamt so lucidly and never asked for interpretation.  They acted on their dreams and thus, naturally.  It was incredibly being in their presence and my journey as a mother was enriched because of it. 

I don’t understand many of today's women.  They see motherhood as a personal choice and hence, a personal experience when really it's meant to be a collective choice and collective experience. Too many mothers understand motherhood as an opportunity to  “educate” a child.  Synchronically, in modern times the word “educate” often means, “to be punished or reminded of the rules.”  It doesn’t cater towards the well being of the student, the person who learns or heals.  

There are two many examples this year (2012) in particular; which screams: “We are no longer tolerating education.” 

Inner children, children and students are crying out to be heard. 

I wonder if this is what Jesus predicted when HE wrote into the book holding the “glance into his life:” “Let the Children come to me.” 

Now that I think about it, this kind of statement is not unlike the kind of guidance or message we find in dreams.  Communications which reveal themselves through time and show multi-layers of meaning; which strangely enough are meant to be heard and understood by different fragments of our inner world or inner Sacred Circle.  In University almost 25 years ago, it was a dream who told me “the New Testament is a book of origins for people like me:  the Dreamers in our World.” 

For thousands of years Christians died spreading a message of love, peace and non-violence.  It’s easy to predict that it may take another ten thousand years or more before people actually commit to Jesus’s insights only because these messages don’t come from Jesus or any other prophet out there.  They are teachings from the Dreaming.  If we don’t start dedicating to experiencing and surrendering to the dreaming – we will never live in a World of love, peace and non-violence.

Ironically, all prophets or Medicine people out there, through history and today, repeat over and over again --- “these ways do not come from me; but from my father, the grand-mothers, the grand-fathers, the ancestors, and the star people.”

Let the Children come to me…” conveys so many holy lessons.  For starters it speaks of a realm where power isn’t held over others; but awakened in all creatures, and all things.

I studied English Literature and Religious Studies to find some answers.  It took walking the path of the Shaman to piece some of the puzzle together.  I don’t think I understand more then .01% of what’s out there. 

No matter how much time and energy I give to consciousness, I seem to always hit my head against those walls; which rob us of seeing, feeling, sensing and knowing.  Ironically it’s through the resistance (the programs, the traumas etc…) that I’ve been slowly been able to pick up on the ribbons of memory drifting unattached and frayed in the realm of the dreaming.

Sometimes I feel like a lot of my life story has been spent grieving over the memories we’ve lost. 

200,000 years of humanity and all we’ve seemed to build is an empire of toys, chattels and garbage.  We’re inventive creatures; but we’ve forgotten that Spirit lives in the Dream Time. The creations we’ve picked up from the World of the Dreaming can only truly bring forth abundance and beauty if they are saddled with the Way of Spirit.  

For those who may want to argue with me -- I'd like to add: "In no way am I saying that humanity hasn't accomplished or created anything remotely impressive or incredible; but I am suggesting that there is a force beyond man which can create a property of timelessness to life that man can not..."

I’m certainly no one to criticize Benjamin Franklin who picked up on electricity; or Alexander G. Bell who impressively discovered the possibility of having a phone in everyone’s home one day…  

  • Did he believe he could get a phone in everyone’s pocket?  
  • Did he know that one day we could talk to each other from anywhere on the planet with the help of satellites?  
  • Did he ever expect society to depend so much on his invention?
  • Did he believe he could have a global impact on the humans of the future?

He may not have had the consciousness; but no doubt the dreaming did…

Learning about dreaming and journeying the Dream Time is important; but not as important as working on our personal Wheel.  

  • What resistance should we be breaking down?  
  • What skills or attitudes should we be learning and adopting? 
  • Which programs have become useless; and which programs should we replace them with?
  • More important is how can we open ourselves up to new perspectives and how can we redirect our goals towards empowering a collective rather then simply the personal?

GP and I teach shamanic techniques; introduce modern and traditional shamanic tools; and guide initiates towards firing up those molecular memories we were all born with.  With the help of Sacred Circle tradition we take advantage of natural and cosmological realities to devote to self-discovery.  For example the Medicine Wheel gives us access to our inner children, totems and ancestral lives / stories. Every month the Moon, the Wind, and the Mysteries trigger collective themes; which in turn generate influence in our lives.  Combined together our Sacred Circle and the touch of nature and the stars -- we can grow into Medicine People.  

We can learn a lot about ourselves by studying our individual stories and working in a circle with others. 

Since we are initiated traditional dreamers G and I focus our work on the Way of the Dreamer.  We use story telling, role playing, ritual / ceremony, sacred touch and altered states of consciousness to experience the realm of dreaming.  We focus on empowerment; but believe me when I say from our perspective this doesn't mean "enabling." We look at the attitudes, the programs and the obstacles / traps we've set on our path and teach those who are interested how to navigate through these and beyond.  

We're looking for those who are ready and open to this kind of journey because we are ready to give you a glance into our lives. 


Picture: This is a photo of the Blue Moon in August.


MaryRose Lessoway said...

I could really feel the dreaming in your blog Lisa.

I will have to re-read it a few times because I know I will get something new from it each time.

I like what you said... "Learning about dreaming and journeying the Dream Time is important; but not as important as working on our personal Wheel".

It is true that working on my personal wheel has brought me incredible healing and growth. It also has made me a better dreamer!


Rose said...

I agree with MaryRose.... For me the Wheel and Dreaming would be hard to separate, each feeds the other.

I have long thought I should re-read the bible because of the things you say - whether reading it now would give me a very different perspective.

I don't suppose for a second many people realise what their legacy will be. Many Artists die paupers and never know they will one day be household names. Edison had over a thousand patents, I find it hard to believe he could know which ones would have the biggest impact, maybe we don't either...

Lili said...

Thank You for sharing your blog Lisa. I will be back to reread. I always glean something new.

Michelle said...

I see it as working on me in order to feel the dreaming happening all around me. I like listening to my children seeing things in their space their reality without me influencing their perspective. This Blog was wonderful read as I was listening to the snow melting outside my window. Thank you Lisa I will definitely be re reading this at supper tonight with the kids.

MaryRose Lessoway said...

Inner children, children and students are crying out to be heard.

Today I felt a deep sadness for the children who are not heard, don't get their needs met and spend their adult years having to live the unresolve.

RW, WW and I went for a walk and ended up doing some healing for an old landfill site which was now a baseball diamond.

Then we saw the movie Looper which had the same theme in it. The dreaming seems to be telling us to help the children. I was asked to do a wheel at a school recently and I saw how the kids today are so lacking in spiritual direction, among so many other things. They have so much potential that isn't recognized. One young man I could tell was doing drugs and had something dark in him. How could the parents and teachers not see that?

Mother and Children are asking for help...

Lisa F. Tardiff said...

Thank you everyone for your comments and for sharing synchronic stories; which confirm that this theme is definitely cosmological and collective.

How could we find ways to bring a shift in the World just by working on our stories???

Working on our inner children and on our ancestral stories is definitely a good start.