Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Consciousness Issues.

Murfle, our eldest dog is at the Vet Clinic today for an endoscopy.  The specialists are looking to see what is swollen and irritated behind her throat and nostrils.  She’s been vomiting huge amounts of mucus and struggling with breathing. The vet said it could be something stuck like a popcorn kernel or a pebble.  It could also be a tumour. 

Since the temperature went up last week (to +6), a lot of snow melted.  We’ve been able to see grass for a few days. In a few of my blog entries, I’ve talked about how powerful a sense of smell is for a dog. What I haven’t mentioned is how dangerous pesticides and salt mixed with fuel can be after it’s been incubating for a few months underneath the snow.  Our Beagles are big on sniffing every thing and there’s a big chance they either caught a virus or filled up their snout with toxic elements.

I find it sad how much we’ve deviated from our animal nature as humans.  Our lives are dictated by appearance more so then by experience.  I’ve lived in several different cities around the Montreal area and each dictated the same kind of phenomena. In the summer, it’s important to have golf-green grass; manicured landscaping; and to keep up the cleaning of spas and pools.  As many of you know, we moved into a new neighbourhood last spring.  We were told even before any introductions between neighbours that the wild flower seeds the ex-owner planted on our front lawn would not be tolerated if it spread to other lawns.  It seemed to be the focus during the whole season.  It’s amazing to what lengths people are willing to go to  --- to keep the most benign living creatures from spreading within their own natural habitat.  As humans we give ourselves rights and powers; which don’t belong to us. 

KM just recently returned from Mexico.  Every so many years, she goes back to spend the holidays with her family.  Christmas 2012 and New Year 2013 – was one of those years!  This weekend KM shared an interesting story with us concerning butterflies.  She explained how every year, the monarchs flood this small village, which is situated bellow this big mountain.  Through the years tourists have swarmed to this village in order to experience the migration of the butterflies.  The village eventually depended on tourism and so even though the crowds of people were disturbing the monarchs and their journey, it was difficult if not impossible to control.  Until one year, this part of Mexico experienced torrential rain and part of the mountain came down in mudslide.  The village had to be relocated. 

“Since then,” KM explained, “the monarchs are left alone.  No more tourists to make it difficult for them to climb the mountain.  And no more villagers to take advantage of their journey.” 

According to KM mother nature took care of the butterflies and eliminated the human pestilence. 

It’s kind of horrible to relate to humanity as “pestilence;” but the fact of the matter is we do often behave as such.  In 2012, there was lots of talk about the end of the Mayan calendar.  Many understood this as the end of the World while most talked about the beginning of a “shift in consciousness.”  In so many ways, I hoped to witness a miracle event: A shift in awareness and a change in behaviour, attitude, and action.  Could we as humans be less about power, benefits and money; and more about respect, generosity and humility? 

Honestly this whole experience with Murfle this past weekend has only confirmed to me that we are not connected to nature and we’re too preoccupied with human business to even be helpful when it comes to Earth issues.  How hard is it really to commit to being different and to being aware of the World around us?


Bootie said...

I never use pesticides in my yard and like to leave portions of it "natural" for the local wild-life. Along one length of my yard I have an herb garden, a blackberry bush, and several butterfly bushes.

When a new neighbor developed the lot next to mine I cam home one day to find him spraying pesticide and weed killer all along our shared property line.

It upset me to see poison being applied to places where I harvest food, where my dogs play, where indigenous reptiles and amphibians live... The turtle who lived in my garden moved away.

I asked the new neighbor to please not spray so close to my yard. He was afraid he had killed some of my plantings and asked me to point out what could stay and what could go...

It all stays.

Lili said...

I like KM's story and mother nature taking care of the Monarchs.
I am sorry to hear about Murfle. I hope she recovers okay.
I will pray for her tonight.

Lisa F. Tardiff said...


Territoriality is definitely a huge theme here too... We also have NEW neighbours and they decided to cut down one of our Butterfly bushes because they thought it was theirs. They felt it was in the way when they mowed the lawn. The idea of ownership -- is ridiculous when it comes to Mother Nature. At least that's the way our ancestors thought.

I think we need to be conscious of the toxins we continuously spread through our world and realize how much of an impact they have on us and Nature as a whole.


Wheelkeeper said...

My cat has at least a dozen allergies, most of which I'm sure are due to the chemicals sprays and other toxins in our environment. I've spent a small fortune finding out what was wrong with her and getting the proper treatments. She has suffered with skin lesions and now has to endure weekly allergy shots.

All my neighbours have impeccable lawns. I am the only one who doesn't use chemicals... but now I have an overgrowth of dandelions and digging them out one at a time just isn't enough anymore.

I am thinking of turning my front yard into a garden that butterflies and bees can enjoy. Why have a lawn that we don't use because that is what everyone else does?

Rose said...

I really hope Murlfe is alright. There is nothing worse than a beloved pet being poorly...

At work the factory is surrounded by a large grassy area which is maintained by outside contractors. I hate that as a matter of course they spray all along the edges. Does that little dead strip really look better than the a slghtly unruly mowed bit of grass at the edge? I find it hard to believe...

I love seeing grass with other things mixed in and even at work they let the dandelions be and I love to watch them flower and sometimes I blow their seeds off. As a child we had a strange plant come up in the lawn and for years my parents did not mow that bit, so this plant could flowere in it's raggedy orange loveliness.

There are other places where butterflies and moths are a tourist attraction. We came across one on Rhodes last year. All the reviews say that the people visiting are disturbing them and their numbers are dropping. We did not go. We did however have a visit from one of the beautiful moths when we visited a lovely ruin by the sea. I like that nature sorted it out and I hope it does too for the moths of Rhodes...

I have to admit I wanted somethingmiraculous to happen too...