Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nostalgia and a University Education.

Every year for the last 14 years, we’ve been guest “lecturers” at Concordia University.  Yesterday, while driving to the University, G and I were sharing EM some of the stories; which occurred in past classes. We seemed nostalgic even with the landscape.  G mentioned every restaurant we had the misfortune of eating at during the last decade.  I had ingestion just thinking about it.  As EM mentioned during the evening – “she was a spectator-virgin” – and was looking forward to seeing us in an experience different then that relating to workshops and circles (ceremonies).  

So far the feedback has been:  “Impressive and I liked it!!”  (LOL)

AL our host and professor at Concordia repeats every year that it’s difficult to describes what we do; and to basically prepare the students for the experience.  AL has often said throughout the last 14 years: “He feels blessed to know us and wants to share these blessings with others.”  Neither G or I give much value to compliments; but since we’ve been around to witness AL’s journey and we’ve had the pleasure to receive some of “his students” in our community we can say that his statement holds power and offers new perspective each time he says it…

So thank you!

Last night was extra powerful. 

There was lots of reference to the fact that we’ve been around for the last 14 years.  G mentioned on a few occasions during the evening that him and I don’t believe that the past, present and future fits on a line.  We are strong believers of the Sacred Circle and see time as fitting on a Wheel.  We believe that every day we can have access to the past, present and the future and because of this it increases our ability to manifest hence change things…

R one of the students who was invited to participate in one of the Wheels told us he was somewhat distracted and upset.  It was difficult for him to be completely present to what we were about to put in motion.  I asked the student at the start of the class to be honest about their emotions, their stories, and their state of minds.  Openness was key to participation. We were quite impressed with R because he told us quite naturally how he was feeling in the moment.  After a few questions we found out that many of the students had just recently received marks to an exam and some of them weren’t too happy with what they got.

To show the class the value of seeing time on a Wheel, G invited AL, the professor, to participate in the first shamanic experience of the evening. 

G explained: “This is the first time in 14 years that we invited AL into the experience.”
AL nodded and confirmed the statement. 

G opened up a discussion between R and AL.  Soon both student and professor were talking about marks and how unfortunately necessary for school they are not a good indication of a student’s potential; but often simply reflect how we feel in the moment.  We discovered during the course of the evening how a good majority people felt incompetent, lacking in self-esteem, insignificant in the grand scheme of life and even completely lost.  Making decisions towards the future was difficult.  G had to push people to dream and to envision the possibilities.  Basically or especially from a shamanic perspective, there were lots of skills missing in preparation for tomorrow.

No doubt we’ve forgotten to prepare our kids to many of the challenges of tomorrow and maybe we’re not supposed to…

“Tomorrow is built right now,” G stated, “tell me what you would like to see happen…”
“I’d like to be able to redo the test,” R announced after a short silence.
“You got it,” AL responded. 

And for a moment everyone stopped breathing.  R jumped in amazement and I asked: “Had you not thought of asking for a remake?”

“No!” R admitted honestly, “I just didn’t think it could be an option.”

There’s what the students see and then, there’s what G and I see.  It’s cool to be able to show people how valuable it is to “work together” and to work according to the way of the Circle.  R was standing in the South of the Wheel during the whole experience and AL was standing in the North.  It was cool to see the teachings come to live.  To see that when we sit in the South we look at ourselves in wisdom and in destiny in the North.

I pointed out to R that one day he would be AL and that this moment in time would be his future.  For a moment I repeated over and over again how he stood on a line where past, present and future were manifested now…  It was amazing how R struggled with the idea and yet, took a moment to stand in the experience.  He truly allowed his “moment” to show him the way.  He accepted to earn his second chance and pass the exam.  He even accepted that moment in the future where he could be someone else’s role model.

“You are better then the mark on that exam,” AL said and everyone agreed.  Now all it takes is for R to take up the challenge and prove it.

There were lots of great lessons and great experiences all through the evening.  This story is only one of many.  I love going to the University every Spring because it allows G and I to see our Circle of past, present and future.


Lili said...

I enjoyed your blog and would enjoy more stories like this.
I think its because I enjoy hearing how we can manifest and change things.

Thank You for sharing

Leanne xxxx

Lisa F. Tardiff said...


Thank you for your feedback. I'll try to write more stories like this.


bonnie benett said...

i really liked reading your blog. please do share more of your stories thanks!

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