Monday, April 29, 2013

Keeping in Touch

Just stopping by to say: "Hi!"

I've been working on two blog entries; which I'm hoping to publish soon.

It's been unbelievably busy since Jan. 2013.  I've been working on a webpage ( and teaching classes / giving workshops.  It seems the dream time has been extra lively as well.  I'm hoping to share with you many of the experiences and activities of the last few months.  I just need a few more waking hours each day! LOL

I think of all of you often and hope you have enough material in here to keep you reading...

I'm definitely open to questions, suggestions or comments for future blog entries.  I appreciate your help.

Just wanted to stop by and say: "I'm still here!"

Take care,

1 comment:

Lili said...

I agree, some days I just need a few more hours too!
You are always in my thoughts.