Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Shifting Perspectives.

What I love about the Medicine Wheel is that it emphasizes the beauty and benefit of shifting perspectives?  A basic Sacred Circle emphasizes 36 different points of view to an experience, an issue, a question, or even a memory.   When you start considering that each stone of a Wheel is the centre of another full Wheel you start realizing that perspectives are endless and every breath can deliver a new feeling; a new impression; a new flavour; a new sound etc….  Essentially, the Medicine Wheel tells us that if we don’t learn to adapt, to transition, to change and to transform we will most definitely get stuck in illusions and old programs.

My question this week:  “Is it so bad to repeat over and over the same illusions and the same old programs?”

Why try so hard to heal; to learn; to grow when there’s no sense of where it’s heading?  This seems to be a important and popular question these days especially amongst young people.  Today I learnt that the French hold the record in depression.   More anti-depressants are sold in France then anywhere else in the World.  We’ve actually reached a Global record high in the diagnosis of mental illness and it seems it will only get worst with an increase in population.

From my perspective I find it incredibly absurd that more people implies more isolation.  Of course I’m not coming from a Western perception and I’m not looking at the World from an observation of modern social behaviours.  It seems to me that it’s clear and obvious that the choices we’ve made and the ways we’ve adopted are not working.  The results seemed exaggerated by numbers.

What I love about communicating with the Universe is that it loves to be considered and it can be quite chatty.  I’m always shocked when I hear individuals speak of the Cosmos as if it has no regard for humanity.   It only proves that we haven’t been watching, listening and connecting with the Creation and the Worlds beyond.  Personally above and beyond my Ego; which is my need to belong; to be valued; and to be chosen I can show you without a shred of a doubt that the Universe is mindful (for lack of a better word and yet implying an intelligence of sorts) of each and every one of us.  To this Force; which exists beyond us, we are not just parasites eating up the Planet and destroying everything in sight.  We are more and we are fundamentally understood as a valued piece of the puzzle.

Humans have been on the planet for 6 to 7 million years; and the said modern man for 200,000 years.  It seems like a long time to figure out how we fit in the master plan:  Our path and purpose.

Who has not asked himself or herself the question: “Why am I here?” 

It’s amazing how much time we devote to education and employment; food and scientific research;  and technology etc…  Modern living is based on a different kind of surviving.  We are still preoccupied with food, lodging, learning and healing; but it moves through an organized system of currency.  Money and how we earn it is more and more the focus.  It’s no longer about hunting and gathering; protecting territory; and warring against invading neighbours.  It’s about acquiring things and never being content with what we have.  I have friends and students who study in Sociology and Anthropology.  Many have written impressive papers on “the why” we’ve changed and the “why” we’ve shifted perspective.  Yet every time we discuss the topic I seem to always bring up the question:  “…. But to what end?”

Why do we give so much time and energy to survive especially if we believe it doesn’t reach beyond our time on Earth (1 to 100 years)?  Does suffering have a purpose (tragedy, illness, injustice, grieving etc…)? Does happiness…

·      Why finish school?
·      Why bother with marriage?
·      Why work for low wages?
·      How will I ever make enough money to buy a home and pay bills?
·      Why be stuck to one man or one woman when you could have many?

I think many of our ancestors would be shocked in hearing some of these questions.  Some eras would tell us that these questions have definite answers.  Looking back at history we can see the reasons behind many of the programs of yesterday; giving sense to some of the behaviours and beliefs.  Even as we explore today’s issues and programs we can step back in time and find their origins.  It’s like a game of domino:  We impact one another, a neverending wheel.

I guess what I find amazing is how so many of yesterday’s have predicted a great shift for the people of today.   The Mayans, the Hebrews, the Greeks and many more civilizations perceived a moment in time where we could shift perspective and bring forth a brand new Wheel!

What does that mean?

I’ve been exploring the topic this month.  Contemplating it! 

Honestly, I look around me and I’m discouraged. We’ve never been more people on this Planet and yet, there’s never been more issues when it comes to relationships; family dynamics, and community unity.  We can’t seem to communicate clearly to each other, and we are constantly afraid of betrayal, abandonment, and loneliness.  How could anyone be lonely with 7 billion people on the Planet? This baffles me.

 We’ve reached 7 billion in population and we are still climbing.  How many humans can the Planet support?  Global issues, social issues and most of all environmental issues seem to concern many people. 

My main question is: “Has anyone stopped and questioned to what end?”

Where are we going with all of this?

What are you providing to the World with every inhale and exhale?  Is there consciousness behind your actions / reactions; your choices; and your behaviours? Can you truly say: “I’ve evolved.  I am not a carbon copy to my ancestors.”

I certainly see so many great opportunities to “shifting perspectives” every day.  I try as best I can to take advantage of these chances and bring forth change.  Sometimes it works and many times it doesn’t.  The Medicine Wheel tells us that every stone although anchored in its story has an impact to every other stone on the circle.  It doesn’t even take being “aware of its story or aware of being anchored” to influence others.  They just move together like birds or fishes and they get to where they need to be. 

Every day I watch and marvel at the Wheels created around me by unconscious individuals who are obviously not devoted to the “end result.”  I wish I could sit them down and show them what they’ve done and who or what they’ve impacted.  How precious and valuable they are.  I wonder if it would help them shift perspective and become interested in the notion of having purpose and walking a sacred path?

More and more it seems obvious to me that there’s a need for a shift and a possibility; but how many are interested in it…


Ally said...

Perfect timing, at least for me, Lisa. I've been contemplating this topic myself lately. Now you've given me clarity! Thanks!

Christy said...

Thank You! Ryan and I have both had this topic come up in discussion over and over again lately.

Wheelkeeper said...

Lots of food for thought as usual Lisa. There is so much to consider at this time in History.... Where are we going, how are we going to get there? How do our thoughts, words and actions affect the outcome?

Thank you for this post.

Wheelkeeper said...

I do agree that we are all precious and valued. And that humans took too many wrong turns along the way. But it is never too late to change as you said. I find that I need to be aware every day of my attitudes and am often fighting to overcome negative or dysfunctional patterns. No one said change was easy!! Lol.

Lili said...

“I’ve evolved. I am not a carbon copy to my ancestors.”

This is what I am working on ;-)(Alongside lots of other inhale and exhales.)
Thanks Lisa. Another great blog to share.

Anonymous said...

lots to think about. thank you.

Wheelkeeper said...

Its not change that is so hard, its our resistance to change!

4cougar said...

"I've evolved. I am not a carbon copy of my ancestors"
This line jumped out at me as I have been thinking about this this week as I have been reading, for the first time, my great grandmothers memoirs in which she speaks about how even her great grandfather was known to cry easily and frequently. I had never thought of this as being something that was ancestral, or, in a sense I had but was still struck by the confirmation. I've been asking myself what am I well with and what do I want to change.

Lisa F. Tardiff said...

Great feedback. Thank you. I wasn't sure about this one...


Diana said...

Thank you Lisa, I agree we are never alone.

Katharine Clifford said...

“I've evolved. I am not a carbon copy to my ancestors.”

This is a truth for me. I value tradition and do believe we bring that wisdom into the now but it is in the now where the change takes place to create the future. If you truly read the ancestry stories of the peoples of the earth you will see similarities/truth. It is this truth that we bring forward. Yes things can appear very sad at the moment, but change rarely comes without us viewing the negative first. I will be posting a photo of a mandala that I am creating at the moment that is bringing forward the past into the now, with "Thoughts" of the future. Many will argue with it because they will think I am breaking some traditions. What I will be sharing is where we are going.....your question how do our thoughts, words, and actions affect the outcome? The outcome will depend on our abilities to adjust to the changes that are happening right now. Yes a lot of people are suffering in this moment. But take another look. How many people are aware of this compared to how many where aware of this centuries ago? How many more people are now stopping and learning how to heal themselves and sharing what they know with others. I think, sense that our future, the future of the peoples of the earth is right on target to the changes we all agreed on before we arrived. It just might not be what we envision at the moment with our limited way of viewing it.