Thursday, January 16, 2014

Non-Linear Time

     By MaryRose Lessoway
In the late 1990’s, I lived in the interior of British Columbia where the land is saturated with crystals. You could walk beside a creek and find clear quartz crystals under your feet. Or crawl into a cave and see the walls sparkle with crystals of various sizes embedded in them. The land was powerful and had an effect on everyone who lived there. People consciously or unconsciously wanted to connect to the crystal energy. Many of the younger crowd who lived creatively and spiritually there collected in groups and land based communities. I joined in on a few of them.

The Mayan Calendar was popular there at the time and some of us studied it and learned to follow time according to the 13 Moons and a 250 day year. To explain how the Mayan calendar worked would take an entire book, it is very complicated. The Mayans used a system that went beyond Earth time or the rotation of Earth around the Sun. They stretched their consciousness all the way to the Great Central Sun, the centre of the Universe. I have no doubt that they were Star People come to Earth. There is more to life than what we know. But I also wonder if the teachings were originally were meant mainly for the High Priests and Priestesses of the Mayan temples. Were we meant to find these teachings in this day and age? Are we ready for them? Do we come from the Stars and feel a longing to go back? Whatever anyone may believe or not believe, it was an incredible experience to live by the Mayan calendar. 

Learning the meanings of the glyphs was one thing, but following the spiral serpent the symbol for DNA, through time and space, took me to a different place. A small group of us got together to share what we were living with the Mayan calendar teachings. We would do prayers at sunset every day as well.

After a few months of this focus on non-linear time, magical things began to happen to me. I actually saw a UFO, which didn’t really register for me until after it was gone because it was so far beyond what my mind could accept. It was hovering on the horizon as I walked home and disappeared like magic.

The area I lived in seemed to be a power spot, because other things happened there too. A friend and I were lying on the grass one afternoon looking up at the beautiful clear blue sky and we saw a circular rainbow. Not one that stretches across the sky, but a flattened circle just above our heads. It stayed there for a long time, maybe half an hour. There were no clouds in the sky and no sign of rain. It was beautiful. We were transfixed by it.

Another time, I was standing in the middle of a three way intersection on the side of the mountain, just a block from where I lived, talking to one of the guys in my Mayan group. We were deeply immersed in conversation, when suddenly I realized that cars were whizzing by, within a hair’s breadth of us, as if they didn’t see us. I felt no fear, I knew we were safe. I knew that we were in another dimension. 

No one knows for sure what happened to the Mayans; their race just seemed to disappear. I think that we all are capable of things beyond our imagination. I wonder if they left when they finished what they came here to do.

When I moved back to Alberta, I stopped following the Mayan calendar.  The Kootenays were  the hardest place that I ever had to leave. I wanted to stay there the rest of my life. I wanted to live on Star time and experience magic every day. Did I mention that I saw Faeiries in my back yard? Never saw them anywhere else.

But I had a sacred contract to fulfill. My parents were in their final years and needed me. I needed to complete the circle of Life and take care of them in their old age, as they took care of me from birth. So I got caught up in mundane duties and was back living with the Western calendar. The magic was gone, or so I thought, but then I had something else come to me. I began learning about the Medicine Wheel with Lisa Foss Tardiff. She had an online community and I joined them. A different kind of magic began to unfold. I learned about collectivity and hypersensitivity. I found out about ME on all levels with my personal Wheel, my inner fragments: past lives, inner children, medicine roles and more.

The Mayan Astrology was great for showing me my Star Connection, it helped me feel empowered, but it but it didn’t help me with the challenges I faced in my daily life.  I began to heal at levels beyond all other previous healing modalities that I had journeyed with. I learned how the dreamtime exists here and now in this world, and how to navigate through it to get to where I need to go.  I learned that we are here on this earth to grow, heal and become balanced and whole. So that when we are complete human beings, we can go back to our share of Paradise, having earned our way. We can get glimpses of our higher self and other dimensions from the Mayan perspective, but we have to go through this dimension to get to the other ones.

I am still following non-linear, natural time and experiencing magic, but it is more connected to this world, which includes the cycles of the Sun and Moon. I know that I needed to be more in my body and more accepting of the challenges that faced me - that I couldn’t run away from them, as hard as they were at times. I found strength and courage and support from my teachers and community. I stopped wanting to leave this planet before my time. I was only trying to run away from my problems after all. It’s only by facing them that we can get through them.

I believe that by focusing on Star Time I was not helping this beautiful Mother Earth who needs us HERE, NOW to help her in her time of need. What greater magic and phenomena is there but to watch the sun rise and set, to feel the wind on my skin, or to press my back up against a tree and feel it breathe? Or to observe the miraculous cycles of the Sun, Moon and Seasons - or to acknowledge the Spirit world through messages, signs and synchronicities? I no longer need proof of their existence through unearthly, etheric means. The physical world is enough. By following Natural and Cosmological cycles, we are living non-linear time, a never-ending spiral of existence. It is just more grounded.

We all seem to be busy searching for magical experiences that astound us. It can become an addiction. We need to see the miracles in the simple things, like children do.  

If we keep wanting to leave here, if we don’t live in THIS time and space, who will stay and do the work? The more we work from the ground up, the less the burden on Mother and those few who are carrying the heavy load to restore balance.

I had a dream that one day I would return to the Stars, but not just yet….


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