Friday, March 7, 2014

Home Blessing.

By Jennifer Johnson.

A few years ago my grandmother died, you may remember Lisa when I was asking about how to clear the house I had purchased from her estate. It had had some TRULY dysfunctional renters and I wanted to protect it because I was renting it out again and could still feel her there. I ended up realizing that what was still in the house was my own, and my family`s attachment to my Gran and the fact that it was Gran's house. 

I laid down anchors outside as well as a stone inside the house to gather shadow left by bad renters, and smudged the entire house room by room. My fire keeper was strong and the air was thick with smoke. When I went around again with my drum I noticed the smoke swirling around in her bedroom. She passed away in the exact spot the smoke was swirling. 

I knew that that was her presence, so I just simply said that it was ok, that we were letting go, and that new people would call this place home and I wanted the right people to love and feel safe there.

While I was doing this, a moth flew into the house in broad daylight. It was a large moth and in the empty house it had a big presence. I left for a couple hours and came back to show the place to potential renters. When i came in the house, the moth was in the livingroom dead. 

I took it out of the house and put it in the flower bed underneath the stone from inside the house. The people that came to see ended up renting the house and they were WONDERFUL. They nurtured the flowers my Gran planted and really made the place a home. 

That was the first time I ever really had the idea that the SOUL of a person could leave behind just pieces. That it wasn't my Gran stuck in the house unable to move was simply the piece of her that I was not willing to LET GO OF. 

I felt like the moth allowed the piece of her that was left behind to move on, as though it died to open a door to the space that could reunite the fragment.

It was profound, amazing, heartbreaking, and phenomenal.

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Wheelkeeper said...

Great Story Jen, loved reading it! What a great experience.

I didn't know you were such a good storyteller!