Monday, August 31, 2015

Grandmother Lodge

I’ve been hosting Moonlodges in the Montreal area for more than 25 years.  In the last 15 years, I’ve helped matriarchs from Europe, the U.S., and other Provinces of Canada start up their own Moonlodge Circles.   It’s been an incredible journey for women in the last century.  We’ve come a long way when it comes to healing and empowerment. 

On Saturday we celebrated the 1st Moon of the year, 2015 according to a Blue Moon calendar.  On our Medicine Wheel this 1st Moon is called the “Moon of Welcome” and refers to the 1st steps we take into a new season (birth / infancy, adolescence, adulthood and the elder phase).  Every year brings forth a different perspective of the 13 moons based on our personal story, as well as the cosmological, natural and human influences. 

I don’t think anyone will argue with me when I say: “2015 triggered challenges; which absolutely demanded our full attention.”  It’s not every year that we get blessed with “two dark moons.”  It seems planetary alignments and cosmological influences brought forth climate changes and environmental realities; which stripped us of all kinds of illusions. By Spring of 2015 – it was clear to pretty much everyone that we had suddenly stepped over a threshold and that life as we knew it was ending. 

It was important to me, and “our community” to truly anchor this “awareness”. 

We spent most of the Blue Moon exploring the idea of “what does it mean to be entering the 6th World?”  It seemed like every day we brought up topics about the environment; about society; about human behaviour; and even about science and technology; which deals with extinction and change.  I believe that by the Full Moon it became clear: “It is time to adopt new attitudes and new ways if we want to survive this new World.”  On the other hand, there is no ignoring the fact that animals are disappearing; the climate is more volatile; earthquakes are changing the face of the planet and even humans are “crying out for new visions”.  

The Moon of Welcome is speaking to us about “transitions”.  It’s not just about building tomorrow, it’s also about looking back at yesterday and contemplating over what is staying and what is disappearing or leaving (depending on your beliefs).  In honour of this perspective “our community” decided to let go of the Moonlodge and move into what we are calling the Grandmother Lodge. 

The 6th World needs men and women to gather together.  Like I was telling the crowd on Saturday “we will still work on ourselves as individuals; but if we want to save our relationships, our families, our communities and our Nation – we need to start thinking out of the individualistic box.”  Thinking about “ME, me, me” won’t get us anywhere especially if we want to preserve our World; produce enough food and water for everyone; and live in peace and harmony.  Over population will no doubt put a strain on a few of our human and environmental structures? 

We need to start thinking differently!

Both my maternal and paternal grandparents were involved in my life and upbringing.  My maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother had a bigger influence.   After they passed away, I remember being afraid of forgetting their faces or their voices.  ‘Til this day I can still picture them and I can still hear them speak to me….  They may have left this Earth and continued their journey; but I’ve consciously kept in “archive” those memories and details; which meant most to me. 

In the last few years more and more men have been asking to learn about their “moons”.  There’s a sense that both Adam and Eve (so to speak) are looking to return to Paradise.  Grandparents don’t make a distinction between their grandchildren.  They just give unconditionally to each of them (at least that’s the way it should ultimately be).  The idea behind the Grandmother lodge was that we would approach our inner children “as grandparents”. 

Encourage our Moons to grow up and to fit into a New World with an ancestral and historical wisdom and perspective.  In other words transition with consciousness.

The next three years will be about “remembering and sharing” our stories.  There is incredible wisdom, knowledge, and teachings hidden within the details of our life story.  It takes exploring and bringing to consciousness the different part of our Wheel. 

Our First Nation ancestors referred to the Moon as Grandmother.   The Moon has been an important influence on our Planet; but it has also been watching over our World and over us….  We just need to finally acknowledge HER hand in our life and HER help too.  HAU!

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Suzi and I met through exploring each other's blogs.  She has the most incredible collection of Moon photos.  She follows the Grandmother month after month.  
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Suzi Smith said...

oooh, nice photo... lol... of course, you can use any you want!

i like the idea of being Grandparents to our Moons, it does suggest the unlocking of the wisdom & knowledge within ourselves; sort of adding an extra layer to h healing & integration. Since joining the community I've found that sharing stories helps reach deeper insights too, so really looking forward to the start of the Grandmother Lodge Lisa :-)

Isabelle Patoine said...

I find this persepective very important in order to have a larger conscience of what is the bigger picture of the work on the moons. I connect to the sharing knowledge and wisdom.

Lisa said...

Thank you Suzi and Isabelle for your comments. One thing I've come to understand about "children" they don't have responsibilities and don't really want any. There's something about "being grandparents" to our Moons that brings up the notion of "being responsible for others". In every child there is an adult waiting to emerge and a grandparent with the wisdom of what it takes to protect the seven generations to come.