Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Whispering through a Blog

Did anyone see HOUSE (American tv show) a few weeks ago? It was about a young woman who has a blog and shares every thought, every detail of her life moment by moment with a few thousand people. After seeing this episode of House I wondered if this is what it means to have a blog? Are the most popular blogs about people who open up every dimension of their life? When you read a blog what do you expect? This particular House episode in mid-March, 2010 – certainly got me thinking and brought up a lot of questions as well as helped me dig deeper on what I’m doing here…

I’ve never been much of an extrovert although people who know me today are often surprised at this comment. After all, I lecture in front of thousands of people these days without flinching. The fact of the matter is you don’t talk to the dead, emerge as a traditional dreamer, and walk a shamanic path without being afraid of people’s judgments and reactions especially when you’re a child or a teenager. First Nation people were persecuted for over 300 years because of their religious beliefs. No matter how open our Western society believes it is towards different cultures and religions – most people today are still bias and still harbour some strong opinions when it comes to Shamanism. My daughter was saying last week: “How she feels that most people are still superstitious and caught up in primitive, cave man perspectives when it comes to Shamanism.” She was quite upset towards some of the reactions she’s been getting to the way she understands life, and her path and purpose.

I was talking to imaginary friends and seeing ghosts when I was a toddler. I remember dreams that date back to a few months old. Lets put it this way I was a very peculiar child. I know that in many ways it embarrassed my parents and eventually, I learnt not to talk about it to friends, or teachers because they didn’t understand and were quick to judgments and labels. I was boxed into my own little inner world for most of my life. And until I reached my mid-twenties a lot about ME was a deep-kept-secret. Ironically when I talk to young people who struggle with their homosexuality I often feel like I understand their experience as if I lived something similar.

I was educated at a Catholic convent from 6 to 18 years old. I’ve often been asked by reporters who have followed my story and given it some exposure if I struggled with shame, guilt or even the notion of hypocrisy all through my life because I was in a Catholic context living a shamanic life?

The answer to that has always been: “NO. No shame, no guilt and no sense of hypocrisy.” To be honest I always felt like my Catholic background was very supportive of my Shamanic emergence. There was quite a few nuns who knew that I could see ghosts and had a strong 6th sense. I was quite lucky to have devout, religions individuals around me because they helped me follow my path and eventually reach my life’s vocation. From early on, religion and spirituality was crucial to my life experience.

Today, there are shows on television that demonstrate how difficult it is for young people to deal with hypersensitive abilities. There are experts who guide, lead and share their experience in order to help the next generation of clairvoyants, mediums, dreamers, etc… I was lucky enough to cross the path of elders who recognized me as a traditional dreamer and shared their experience with me. To be honest, without the help or connection to others like us – it is difficult to survive or to strive. I tell my children that anyone who promotes hate and disempowerment should not be tolerated in our lives. It’s important to become strong in our abilities, our values and our belief system. Life asks of us to grow, to trust and to love even in the face of adversity.

Would I change anything in my life? NO. There’s no doubt that every little detail was mathematically thought out. I’m the outcome of that formula. I certainly would love to be able to share more of my life experience, my memories, my daily thoughts and emotions but I think it would mean to throw caution to the wind…

I’m working on it.


Faithfully-Loving-Raven said...

Obviously our stories are different but i really relate to what you just shared.
Thank you.
Recently I came across an article in a local newspaper here where i live written by a young woman, my age who is waiting on a kidney. She has been on dialysis for a while. At the end of the article she added her link to her blog.
The reason I checked it out and followed the dreaming was because i think i've seen this woman at one of my bus stops. (or someone who looks very like her) because on the newspaper article there is a picture of her.
So i checked out her blog. I was drawn to her talks about dreaming. Obviously the blog is mainly to do with her kidney disease and her journey through that. She talks about her day dreams (being a Pisces like myself)..she spends a lot of time dreaming about a new kidney and a new healthy body, and just being 'normal' again.
So her blog is basically her way of journalling through this part of her life..and sharing it with those who may be going through the same thing.
Maybe she is even a 'hero' for others.
Maybe you are also a Hero for those of us too..us Dreamers, Psychics, us 'different' people lol.
You do inspire me. I know you inspire others also.
Thank you.

p.s I feel like a large part of my life is also secret, has been for years. Sometimes i feel i'm living two different lives. One day i hope to be brave enough to shed this old skin and reveal whats underneath, whats been growing and developing for a while now.

I feel as if i'm standing alone here... yanno the whole 'safety in numbers thing'.
I need my Community.


Wapeyit Malsom said...


What do you need?


Faithfully-Loving-Raven said...

To go home I guess.
If that makes any sense.

Michelle said...

You taught me to just Trust... Okwaho and every time i get apprehensive about sharing or asking questions I remember your words...but like anything it takes time...I just want you to know your Blog is a wonderous and beautiful gift when ever there is a new entry it's read and reread the meanings the whisperings its wonderful Just want you to know the impact you have!!!

Wheelkeeper said...

Lisa, Thanks for sharing this... I find that I have been resisting "coming out" because of all the judgments that I get for who I am. It is true that we are very different than the general population and I have been called everything from "flaky" to "the spiritual one" (as if it were an oddity). I also find that its just as hard when people put me on a pedestal and expect miracles, then hate me when they find out I am human.

I am happy to see these shows on TV like and Keepers of the Dead (Ghost Whisperer), The Listener (A telepathic man)... and so much more... one of my Favorites is "Emily of New Moon", about a young girl who can see spirit and has lucid dreams.

This is a huge topic for me!!!

Wapeyit Malsom said...

I hear you WheelKeeper.